Capital punishment does not always mean the death penalty. In New York capital punishment is life in prison. In Connecticut capital punishment is death. I have always been, and will always be opposed to the death penalty. This is my personal opinion, it is not a political stand or a religious belief. My religion states that a government has the right to put a citizen to death.

Every once in while a case comes along that tests some people’s opposition to the death penalty. Such as the home invasion of the Petit family in Cheshire, Conn., on the morning of July 23, 2007, which left Dr. William A. Petit Jr. severely beaten. His wife and daughters were brutally murdered.

Steven J. Hayes is one of the men apprehended by police for this crime, he was tried, convicted and sentenced to death. But he will not die for years, if ever. Death penalty convictions carry with them automatic appeals. This is one of the reasons I am not in favor of them.

An article in the NYT talks about a new thing that is being included in the appeals. A service I not only know and love but some say am seriously addicted to. Twitter.

Cheshire Appeal Will Point to Twitter Here is a sentence from the article:

“One of the most provocative is that the intense reporting on the trial — including mainstream reporters’ extensive use of Twitter — created a “circus atmosphere” and such widespread, instant saturation with inflammatory details that the jury was improperly swayed by public passions.”

This sentence led me to tweet the following:

Steven J. Hayes is a child-raping murdering dirtbag scum of the earth that deserves to be tortured. Is that provocative enough for you?

It was provocative, it generated this response: “woah .. tell us how you really feel !!! ~ @blair33185

@blair33185 I think they should put him in a jail cell with hardened criminals that are fathers of 11 year old girls.

What I didn’t say is I would really like him to have “Child Rapist” tattooed on his forehead and then have him put in General Population at Sing Sing. But he wasn’t convicted in New York, so he’ll be in some sissified Connecticut jail until he gets a needle in his arm, if that ever happens.

Yes that is a little harsh. But will Dr. Petit really get closure from Mr. Hayes death? Will it bring back his wife and daughters? Will it make the pain of losing them any less intense? I think not. The only thing that will heal his pain to get his wife and girls back.

It’s not a perfect world, if it was a perfect world, men like Steven Hayes wouldn’t exist. Women and girls wouldn’t have to worry about being raped and murdered. So we have to settle for hoping that he and his partner never walk the streets of any state again whether in prison for the rest of their lives or with their lives snuffed out by the state of Connecticut.