>Yes this is my regular every other Wednesday off. And I really accomplished nothing. So I figured I should write a blog post and here I am.

I did pick the four winners for my blog contest. They have been contacted and will be receiving their gifts soon.

There is a site called blogger.com where you can register your blog. You can see the button in my right sidebar. To verify your blog, they ask you to put this button on your blog with the link. Well my blogs are still saying need verification. I am trying to exercise patience with this.

The reason I registered was because of the disappointing number of responses to my blog contest. Not just this one. I had one earlier and had one person enter. So I sit here trying to get inspiration to write, and it doesn’t come. Why should I write when I don’t have anyone reading?

So I tell myself, you didn’t start this blog to get readers, you started it to put your thoughts down, like you’ve been doing since you were 10 and bought your first diary. This way you are not using up tons of notepaper on stuff that just gets filed away. Along the way people have come and become interested. Then I got greedy, I wanted more people to listen to my.

Anyway, on another blog someone wrote that the way to get more followers was to register with some sites and then participate. I think that is where I have the most problems. Yes I joined bookblogs.com and get joined discussion groups and get e-mails, which I delete. I think I know the problem now.

Anyway, the blog I read it on is Nurse’s Notes, go check it out and read for yourself. I wrote a guest post for her, she hasn’t posted it, I guess she’s afraid her blog will end up as popular as mine!