>That’s why I don’t shave them. My pits that is. Before you get all grossed out and weird on me, I don’t have hairy pits. There are other means of hair removal.

Unfortunately I have discovered that where my legs are concerned, I have to shave. Get this, and don’t hate me, the hair on my legs is very fine and thin. I used to use an electric shaver, when it died I bought an epilator (which is now for sale) but it doesn’t grab the hair on my legs. So I bought a new shaver that for some reason while it shaves the hair in my bikini line area, doesn’t work on my lower legs. Which are the part of my legs that show so that’s where I really want it to!

So I bought a razor and shaved my legs. Since I haven’t shaved my legs with a razor since God knows when (cause I sure don’t), I cut myself in 5 places and ended up with razor rash.

Just so much fun being a girl!

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