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>Weight watchers progress

>Perhaps I should have said, non-progress since I am up 1.8 pounds. Of course I have not been eating right, had a couple of parties I went to. Today I start being careful again and hopefully next week will be better.

Also, there are some other things going on that have affected my weight. They are also temporary.

Exercise, more water and being more aware of what I am eating will do the trick.

>A cover-up

>The last place I went to get my hair dyed used the wrong stuff. They put temporary dye on my hair. Hello, I am covering gray hair I need the permanent dye. This happened three times so I said, No More. Another thing that happened was I would tell them, Please be careful, I just got my ears pierced. The stylist would promise, then proceed to drag the towel over my ears. OWWIE!

So I started doing it myself. Again. It was o.k. for a while, then I got tired of the mess, and having to search the store for my color and panicking when I couldn’t find it and getting dye in my eyes and on my ears and neck and so I started searching for a place to get it done.

The first place I went was on 5th Avenue. One of those places were the guys hand out flyers on the street. I decided to get a hair cut and see how I liked it. I didn’t. My roots started to get long and so I colored my hair myself again.

Last Wednesday I was at the mall with Gwen, I checked out the two hair places, asking for prices on hair coloring. I decided I would try out Unisex Hair Palace. So tonight after work I went up there. After finding out what I wanted (the roots covered) Lynne (?) took me back. She did a fabulous job. Color is great, she dried it to perfection, and without my saying anything, she was very careful working around my ears. She did hurt them a little bit, but there was no way she could avoid it.

She also explained that if I had wanted a different color, there would not have been enough time to do a color change before they closed. Since I was keeping it the same color it wasn’t a problem. Another thing I liked was at this place the haircut was included, I had to pay extra because my hair is long, but I have to pay extra every where I go.

Now my hair is beautiful, and I didn’t have to do it!

Music and a Movie

October was kind of a busy month. Of course since the Yankees are not playing in the World Series, I will be able to pay more attention to this blog. To read about what’s being going on with me and the Yankees, check out my other blog: The Foxx Loves the Yankees

Em, Tigger, Fred and I went to see Lifehouse at The Roseland Ballroom. It was standing room only, which I had never been too. Here is how it works. You have to get there about a zillion hours before the doors open and stand in line. Then you come in and find a place to stand for the concert. I noticed that there were benches built along the wall, so Em and I went and secured a seat. We took turns getting drinks and going to the bathroom. The bathroom was pretty incredible, there was the door in, then a room to the left with stalls and a room to the right with couches, tables and mirrors. When I told Em, she said, “This place used to be a disco, they needed a place to snort their cocaine.” I believed her since the room was not lighted enough to put on makeup. The music was great, bottle of water was $3. There was a couple standing in front of us that should have gotten a room. Really.

The other thing we did was go to see the movie The Social Network. I took the boys and Em, D and Gwen went to see Secretariat. After about a minute and a half, I leaned over to Tigger, he whispered to me, “This guy is a a**hole.” I replied, “No he has aspergers syndrome.” Total social awkwardness, and when he was a billionaire and could buy anything he wanted, he spent all his time programing and updating the Facebook site. I thought The Social Network was good enough to see again, in fact I might go see it with Em next weekend. The boys said, “It was o.k.”.

So now I am trying to adjust to life without baseball, and back to blogging here and on my book review blog.


>It seems like he drives fast, and it doesn’t matter. Sometimes slow and it doesn’t matter. I am sure, knowing him, he aways drives exactly the same, except for mornings like today when it’s pouring down rain.

It must be me, my own sense of urgency that changes my perception of the drive to the train station.

— Sent from my Palm Pre

>Minute by minute

>The Beacon train station is the second stop on the Hudson Line. That is if you are coming from Poughkeepsie and heading to NYC. The train is not usually late and that leaves very little wiggle room for catching the train. Sometimes it does literally come down to the minutes. Take this week for example.

Wednesday I needed to get to work early. Of course I had trouble getting up in the morning. I left for the train with less then 10 minutes to get there. I made it, just made it and every time I take this train I am surprised by how crowded it is. I keep thinking, “It’s so early, no one will be on the train ….” Back to my original thought, if I can find it again.

On Thursday I had the same amount of time to catch the train. Thursday the train was a minute early. Just a minute, one lousy minute and I missed the train, had to take the next train, an express train. Then when I left work I missed the subway by a minute, just one little minute. Then next train didn’t come for another 10 minutes and it was crowded! I had to take it since I was trying to catch the early train out of GCT. I didn’t make it.

There wouldn’t be a problem of course, if I hadn’t measured the time, down to the minute that it takes to get from my door to the train station. Then I wouldn’t be tempted to push the envelope as they say.

>Demon possessed phone

>Last night I went to meet some friends to watch the Yankee game. I ended up on a late train coming home. My phone battery ran out of power so I switched batteries. That’s when the trouble began.

The phone turned on, then shut down. I pressed the power button and it powered up. Then shut down, immediately, just like the first time. I was starting to get worried, and pressed the power button again. Same result, I took the battery out and looked at it. Then I looked at the place in the phone where the battery goes. I put the battery back in and powered up the phone. This time it worked.

When I got in the car I told Tigger about it. He said either my phone hates me or it was momentarily possessed by demons. He recommended I buy demon repellent. I googled demon repellent.

There is no demon repellent designed specifically for phones. Holy water won’t work and I don’t know what salt or rosemary would do to my phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

— Sent from my Palm Pre

>My legs are sore tonight

>I went to work out. I know I was going to keep you posted on my Weight Watchers progress, but I didn’t go to weigh in today. I went to a tweet up last night and was drinking so I knew I would be up. I can’t understand why my legs are so sore, but I have worked out three times this week. I suppose that could be part of it.