>Last night I went to meet some friends to watch the Yankee game. I ended up on a late train coming home. My phone battery ran out of power so I switched batteries. That’s when the trouble began.

The phone turned on, then shut down. I pressed the power button and it powered up. Then shut down, immediately, just like the first time. I was starting to get worried, and pressed the power button again. Same result, I took the battery out and looked at it. Then I looked at the place in the phone where the battery goes. I put the battery back in and powered up the phone. This time it worked.

When I got in the car I told Tigger about it. He said either my phone hates me or it was momentarily possessed by demons. He recommended I buy demon repellent. I googled demon repellent.

There is no demon repellent designed specifically for phones. Holy water won’t work and I don’t know what salt or rosemary would do to my phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

— Sent from my Palm Pre