>The last place I went to get my hair dyed used the wrong stuff. They put temporary dye on my hair. Hello, I am covering gray hair I need the permanent dye. This happened three times so I said, No More. Another thing that happened was I would tell them, Please be careful, I just got my ears pierced. The stylist would promise, then proceed to drag the towel over my ears. OWWIE!

So I started doing it myself. Again. It was o.k. for a while, then I got tired of the mess, and having to search the store for my color and panicking when I couldn’t find it and getting dye in my eyes and on my ears and neck and so I started searching for a place to get it done.

The first place I went was on 5th Avenue. One of those places were the guys hand out flyers on the street. I decided to get a hair cut and see how I liked it. I didn’t. My roots started to get long and so I colored my hair myself again.

Last Wednesday I was at the mall with Gwen, I checked out the two hair places, asking for prices on hair coloring. I decided I would try out Unisex Hair Palace. So tonight after work I went up there. After finding out what I wanted (the roots covered) Lynne (?) took me back. She did a fabulous job. Color is great, she dried it to perfection, and without my saying anything, she was very careful working around my ears. She did hurt them a little bit, but there was no way she could avoid it.

She also explained that if I had wanted a different color, there would not have been enough time to do a color change before they closed. Since I was keeping it the same color it wasn’t a problem. Another thing I liked was at this place the haircut was included, I had to pay extra because my hair is long, but I have to pay extra every where I go.

Now my hair is beautiful, and I didn’t have to do it!