>The Beacon train station is the second stop on the Hudson Line. That is if you are coming from Poughkeepsie and heading to NYC. The train is not usually late and that leaves very little wiggle room for catching the train. Sometimes it does literally come down to the minutes. Take this week for example.

Wednesday I needed to get to work early. Of course I had trouble getting up in the morning. I left for the train with less then 10 minutes to get there. I made it, just made it and every time I take this train I am surprised by how crowded it is. I keep thinking, “It’s so early, no one will be on the train ….” Back to my original thought, if I can find it again.

On Thursday I had the same amount of time to catch the train. Thursday the train was a minute early. Just a minute, one lousy minute and I missed the train, had to take the next train, an express train. Then when I left work I missed the subway by a minute, just one little minute. Then next train didn’t come for another 10 minutes and it was crowded! I had to take it since I was trying to catch the early train out of GCT. I didn’t make it.

There wouldn’t be a problem of course, if I hadn’t measured the time, down to the minute that it takes to get from my door to the train station. Then I wouldn’t be tempted to push the envelope as they say.