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>It’s true: the new “Star Trek” prequel movie is really,really good. “The spirit of adventure and embrace ofrationality that define the show are in full swing,” writes Manohla Dargis, “as are the chicks in minis and kicky boots.” The J.J. Abrams remake has big-budget action and effects, and a story with “emotional and dramatic force as well some generous laughs,” thanks largely to the newcomers playing Spock and Kirk. “Steering clear of outright imitation,” Ms. Dargis writes, “the two young actors instead distill the characters to capture their essence,their Kirk-ness and Spock-ness.” Go see for yourself before the inevitable SNL parody.

>Just got in from watching the New Star Trek movie, but it is about the old Star Trek, as in it goes back to the beginning of Kirk, before he was Captain Kirk. Anyway, I saw this picture, and so I copied it to put here, enjoy!

course I really have a crush on Spock.


>LI Kids Giveaway: Win One of Three Copies of Snoopy’s Reunion on DVD

>No work today

>Today was a day off work for me. I had a doctor’s appointment middle of the afternoon so I took the whole day. In the morning Gwen and I ran errands, oops I forgot, that was after I downloaded about 40 free books from the Sony E-Store. We had lunch then went to Target because I wanted to get a fork and spoon for work. I couldn’t find any in with the dishes, just sets, then I had the crazy idea to look in camping supplies. There was an Eddie Bauer knife, fork and spoon in a little carrying case. Gwen saw a ‘camping’ Swiss Army tool, it has a fork and spoon, a bottle opener and little knife. She thought that would be handy for college, it is a good size, small enough to carry with her and big enough she won’t lose in in her bag. So we (I) got both. Then we went to the bank and to the library, the Star Trek Voyager DVD’s were in. Then we came home and I took a quick bath and remembered I was out of conditioner. So after the doctor’s visit I went back to Target to get conditioner for my hair.

Is anyone awake? Is anyone still reading this?

Well just two more things I wanted to say. Last night when Stitch, Gwen and I were driving home, Gwen was in the front and Stitch was in the back, Gwen started to tell me about when they were watching Anne of Green Gables, the rest of the DVD’s she got from the library, all of a sudden Stitch pipes up from the back seat, “No! Don’t tell her!” Gwen continues, “Stitch cried 3 times.

Then today, while I was sitting waiting for the Doctor in the examining room, I was thinking, “I went to the bathroom and peed before my bath, then I got dressed and drove to the doctor’s office. When I got to the doctor’s office they wanted a urine sample, so I peed again, so how come with all that peeing and no drinking, why do I now feel like I have to pee?”

That’s that’s all folks.

>Back to the gym

>I really wish I had my car in the evenings. Then Em wouldn’t have to take me to the gym. She really prefers exercising earlier, I do to but I don’t have a choice. If I get approved for this 9/10 work schedule I really won’t have time earlier, since I’ll be getting home later, well except for every other Wednesday, then I’ll be able to earlier but just those Wednesday.

D is leaving for Toronto Sunday. Em told me that Tigger said he doesn’t think her i-pod will hook up to her TV, so that means we either have to banish the children from the living room (HA!) or watch it on my laptop. I don’t have a problem watching it on my laptop. So its up to her.

Phantom of the Opera is on my I-pod now. I also got a Phantom ringtone. I am so excited.

>So so

>That is how my internet connection is, so I am typing this in a hurry to get it in here.

The tickets for Phantom came, they are safe and sound in my underwear drawer. Well at $XXX each I wasn’t about to risk putting them someplace where I would forget them!

Em has a list of movies for us to watch when D is in Toronto. Full Metal Jacket, Signs of Live (One for Sorrow, Two for Joy), Mystic Pizza and/Or Thumbsucker. This is what I was doing today when I should have been working. Besides plotting ways to kill my very annoying co-worker, who almost got flattened when he raised his fist to me.

>Fun Fun Fun!

>Tigger and I went to the mall today to watch the movie, we bought our tickets and went to get coffee, and then the fire alarm went off. So we had to leave the mall and then we just kind of hung around until the next showing. When we went in we found out that the theater wasn’t evacuated, they let us go to the later showing anyway.

Tigger, after saying he wanted to see it again played with his I-touch cause he was ‘bored seeing it again’. I would say he was a sweetie for coming with me but I paid for the tickets.

While we were waiting we went to Panera, I needed some caffeine, then to Office Depot so I could get a wall calendar, then back to the mall, roamed around some until time for the movie, and of course Tigger had to get a snack! Bottomless pit. Now home and watching NCIS, a good one. I should study my lesson for tomorrow but I really don’t feel like.

Gwen did some laundry for me that I need to pay her for. I didn’t settle how much, but I have a feeling she might not want to be paid.

>Almost forgot

>I have to start this so I have a post for today. I went to work, the train was empty and GCT was empty, it was kind of creepy. I will be back with more. Em is driving me crazy. I will explain in a minute.

The train was so empty I had a seat all to myself, granted a two-seater but still, it was nice. I told everyone at work I sprawled out and went to sleep. That wasn’t quite the truth but close! The Boss asked if I started to wonder if today was a holiday when I saw how empty GCT was. I didn’t, but that was because I knew a lot of people wouldn’t be there.

However, I was quite bored at work. Em and Tigger were texting me so that helped. D took the kids to see ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ which I wanted to see! So Tigger and I are going tomorrow. I left a little early from work and got home to find out that I am supposed to bring juice to the Bible study tomorrow. I really wish RP would call me on my cell phone for things like these. Anyway, Tigger wanted to go to the Verizon store, again, so he went with me. D had some things for me to get for him, I got some of them.

Em started texting me after I was home and on my computer, around 10:30 she sent me a text about the movie Marley and Me, then she sends a text that ends with “talk 2 u 2moro”. So I figure she is not going to text me anymore, so I go to BookGlutton and start reading in Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert. Then she starts texting me again around 11:00 p.m. just as I am getting into the book. I was trying to give as generic answers as possible, hoping she would get the idea and she just kind of went on and on, until 11:20 p.m. about her city, and her jewelry and being tired. Well, that is all. Now I am going to bed.

>Rainy Saturday

>The kids are watching Journey to the Center of the Earth, when I asked Gwen why she said, “Because its a science fiction movie with no purpose!”, I was going to ask her to help me write my account number on my quarter rolls so I can take them to the bank today, I guess I am doing it on my own.

Em is working, she sent me a text asking me to make the rain go away. If I could, I would, was my response. Of course, my phone was off so I didn’t get the message until a little bit ago and she is probably doing something where she can’t respond or the phone ringing is an annoyance. Oh well.

My only plans for today are to go to the bank and go to Allsport. I let you know if I do anything exciting. I am going to put my quarters in my account for my I-Pod Nano. I forget how much I have, $30 or $40 I think. I’ll let you know.

>Should be in bed

>I watched the James Bond movie I borrowed. It was due Monday so now I have to pay a fine. The name of the movie is Casino Royale. I read more in my LibraryThing book on the train. And after the movie I finished Club Dead. I think I have them out of my system so I can read something else now.

Two only in New York moments, when I was walking to the subway, there was this girl/woman, wearing a black and white plaid coat, she was holding the color against her face to protect it from the wind, with gray pinstripe pants and pointy black heels, here is the New York minute, she was running across a 4 lane road in those heels! And here is the other NY minute, only in New York could it be too warm for a jacket, and the very next day, be too cold for the very same jacket!