>Tigger and I went to the mall today to watch the movie, we bought our tickets and went to get coffee, and then the fire alarm went off. So we had to leave the mall and then we just kind of hung around until the next showing. When we went in we found out that the theater wasn’t evacuated, they let us go to the later showing anyway.

Tigger, after saying he wanted to see it again played with his I-touch cause he was ‘bored seeing it again’. I would say he was a sweetie for coming with me but I paid for the tickets.

While we were waiting we went to Panera, I needed some caffeine, then to Office Depot so I could get a wall calendar, then back to the mall, roamed around some until time for the movie, and of course Tigger had to get a snack! Bottomless pit. Now home and watching NCIS, a good one. I should study my lesson for tomorrow but I really don’t feel like.

Gwen did some laundry for me that I need to pay her for. I didn’t settle how much, but I have a feeling she might not want to be paid.