Archive for December 19, 2008

>new blog

>I hope I remembered the address correctly. I went into work today. Since I was up so late I overslept. Then I left early because it was snowing like crazy and Em said it was getting bad. I asked Tigger but I haven’t read his answer cause it came while I was doing this. After I finish transferring all my widgets I am going to start a new book blog and do the same with it. Gotta go now. I am on the train and I can’t see the river.

Here is the new blog. I know it looks just like the old one, but if you look at the blog archive, you will see that the posts go back to 2006. That was when I started my very first blog. Now I have all my posts in one place. I do not expect anyone to go back and read all my previous post. I’m not even going to do that. I just wanted them all together.

>but I need my sleep. I am hoping we will get all the snow we were promised, then I don’t have to go to work. I will finish up this transfer tomorrow, then put a post that people need to re-follow the new blog, then I am going to transfer, gulp, my book blog!