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>Last day of the month

>and I have not missed any days posting, I think. Anyway I beat the number of posts from last month. As I type this Snowy Bear is watching me. You would have laughed if you had been here when he fell of the bed I was calling, Snowy Bear Snowy Bear don’t fall! He landed on his face right on the floor. I had to rescue him. He is more fuzzy then fluffy now. He still looks good. But since he sits next to my pillow all the time and has been sat on a couple of times, it has had an effect on him.

I got a box to send that pillow to my mom. The one I got the day Em and I went to Tavern on the Green and got soaked to the skin. I still need to tape it up and address it. I also should put a card or something in with it. I also need to wrap up everything in the box for that other person I am sending stuff to. I am planning to mail everything on Wednesday since I have a doctor’s appointment that day and either won’t be going to work or will be going in late.

Today I didn’t get up until 1:00 or so. I feel much better now. Got another e-mail from Cookie. She is doing as well as can be expected. I still haven’t sent out her card. I need to do that. I think I will have to do that and read more in Helter Skelter after I leave here.


>I ♥ NY

>Yes, Em and I went to Manhattan again. This was another spur of the moment, unplanned trip. D had been saying no, then he decided to take the children flying. Some place where they can fly gliders or something like that. So he said Em could go to the city.

Gwen went with me to my book study this morning and P announced that it was our book study’s turn to help with cleaning our place of meeting. So as I was driving home I was telling Gwen this meant that her mom and I wouldn’t be going to the city, not that we had planned it anyway, then as we started to pull in the yard, Em was out there doing the Snoopy dance.

First thing we did when we got to GCT was go to Douglas Cosmetics. I mean the first thing after we stood in line at the ladies room. So many people there! I bought some perfume, and the sales person gave me five or six samples of perfume and a coupon for 10% off, don’t know why. Em knocked this big thing off the table and I was giving her a hard time about it, maybe he(I think it was a him) thought I was embarrassed.

Then we went to a couple jewelry stores, then we started walking down 42nd Street toward the library, Em wanted to go to the library and Bryant Park. As we were walking along past GCT there was this homeless man with a sign and he was saying, ‘If you could spare a dollar.’ I said, to myself mainly, but loud enough for Em to hear, ‘No I can’t spare a dollar, I just spent 90 dollars on perfume!’ She started laughing, ‘It is all about you isn’t it!’ Yes indeed, I am tired of doing everything the way other people think I should. I am a competent adult and can make my own decisions!

There were so many people (tourists) there. They were very annoying and I almost put a descriptive word before tourists. Well, its not really a descriptive word, I think it would be considered a verb! Another thing of note that happened was as we were walking down the sidewalk, in front of this hotel a man was just standing there, we had to walk around him and as we walked on I heard a voice, “DAD!” then a pause, then “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Em says, well as least the son knows what is going on!

We had no plans, we just walked to Central Park, I got another headache, I have realized that the headaches I have been getting when we go to the city are directly related to the problem I am having with my sinuses. We walked back to GCT and then we went to Annie Moore’s. Em got a cheesecake from Junior’s to bring home. We got in about 7:15 p.m. and Fred was all excited about flying today.

I finished the necklace I was crocheting, I am not real happy with it, but I think it will do for the girl I am sending it to. I hope she likes it. After I send it and she gets it, I will post a picture on my craft blog, I am not doing now because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Now I am sick, I don’t think from the city or Annie Moore’s, I think from the hot sausage I ate.

>Coldplay – Viva La Vida

This is my favorite Coldplay song. In fact, this song is the reason I keep listening to their music. I like a lot of their songs. I never realized that the lead singer is kind of cute and has the prettiest eyes!

>Playing hooky

>From work, that is what I did today. So I guess I should have said, played hooky as the title for this post. I got up and got on the train, but I went to White Plains instead of to work. I had lunch with Beth and Anne. Anne brought leftovers from her dinner yesterday. It was good, but the stuffing wasn’t as good as Em’s.

Tigger sent me a post asking if we could go driving. I replied, I’m not home, I guess he didn’t look out the window and see my car was not in the yard. I told him where I was and not to tell mom, he didn’t, but when we were talking, I don’t remember what she said, but he kind of rolled his eyes, and I looked at him then stared at Em and she said, You didn’t go to work today did you? So after all that worrying that he would blab, I blew it! HA HA.

Well anyway, now I will go upstairs and see if the food is ready. I really want to go to Target and get some things. I also want to look for a book I just read about.

I also got e-mails from Cookie and Melva. I am happy. Not about what is happening with them, that is definitely very sad, but I am glad I got to hear from them. I have a card for Cookie, I need to write it and send it out.

>Day off today

>and it has been kind of a nothing day. Slept late, went driving around a little bit. Got a breakfast sandwich at DD’s and a coffee at Starbucks. The little coffee place on Main Street was closed.

Tigger wanted cinnamon gum so I stopped at CVS, while I was there I picked up some medicine for my feet and a tooth whitening kit. In addition to gum for Tigger I got some Dark Chocolate covered Peppermints for Gwen and Spree for Fred.

When I got home I went to my room and Tigger started texting me that he wanted to go driving, so I was texting him back and trying to put him off and then he sends me a text, I C U. He and Fred were outside my bedroom window. So I went out to take him driving around the block. So now he has had experience driving when it is dark. Then I was going to take him and Fred to Wendy’s but Stitch told him Wendy’s was closed today. I don’t think that he was right, but I didn’t really want to take them out. So Stitch got out the frozen cheese ravioli, and we had dinner at home. I put spaghetti sauce with turkey sausage on mine and Tigger’s. It was good. But I am hungry again. I have to go eat.

Oh and I joined Twitter. If you have a twitter account, let me know and I can follow you, and you can follow me. We can be a happy family! OK I am getting a little silly here!

For everyone to whom today is a special day, I hope you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed not having to get up at 5:00 a.m. and go to work.

>on my way home

>early, and I cannot believe how freaking crowded this train is! It is like everyone in the city is trying to leave. I decided to go ahead and get the I-pod since I have enough money for it. The money for it is coming out of my other account anyway. You know the one linked to my amazon account, amazon, the people who are sending me $20 for the books I sold, Yippee! Between that and the money I put in it every payday and the coins I deposited there is enough money.

I feel like I am doing my part for the economy.


>MRI results


So my doctor called. I was a little panicked, because I also got blood work in addition to the MRI and I was afraid he was calling to tell me that my cholesterol was 400 or something (it runs in my family), but it was about the MRI, my brain is fine, my sinuses are inflamed. Well, yeah duh, I could have told him that. As Em says, I was born with inflamed sinuses. So when I see him he is going to start me on an antibiotic. I called Em to tell her, and she says (I really love her) “I thought you were going to tell me you had a brain tumor and you couldn’t go to Manhattan with me!” Hey, if the terrorists aren’t going to stop her, a brain tumor’s not going to stop me!

>They got shaved!


I haven’t seen any pictures, cause I am still at work, but Em said it was cool. The press didn’t show up so Tigger won’t be on TV, but he might be on the NYS DoH Website. I am going to check there in a minute. If he is, you can be sure I will be posting a link here when I get home.
It was raining this morning, so today has been a cold rainy day. When I got to work my jeans were damp on the back of my leg. I don’t have a clue how that happened. My asthma is also bothering me. I was a little late today, just couldn’t get moving, and then I had to stop and get milk for my oatmeal, tomorrow I have to get up on time and make the early train. Except Stitch will be driving me tomorrow so that might not work. Anyway, it was cold windy and gray when I went to lunch, it had stopped raining though, so it was a nice walk. I just had my yogurt and soup and now my tummy is full. The sun is now trying to break through the clouds and I wish I was outside.

There wasn’t an article in the Poughkeepsie Journal, but there were pictures, I would post a link but it will only be there for a short time. Tigger wasn’t in any of the picture. He filmed it and that is going up on You-Tube, I will be posting that link when it goes up and I find out the name of it.

>$2,000 plus for The American Cancer Society

>This is how much money the students at Beacon High raised in the month of November. This means that some of the male teachers are getting shaved. Yep, they promised. And one security guy said he would shave his head. Tomorrow they are having a ceremony where the check for $2,102.41 is going to be presented (I got the amount off the picture) and the press is going to be there and a bunch of important people. Tigger is one of the students that has been chosen to speak to the press. So Em took him shopping so he will look really good.

Yesterday, when I came upstairs for dinner he was standing in the dinning room and asked me if he smelled ‘pretty’, yes that is the word he used. Em had bought him some cologne. He had just dabbed it on so it wasn’t too heavy and it smelled nice.

>Lonely and blue

>I am feeling sad and neglected this morning, my friends are not talking to me. One friend I know why, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with me feeling lonely, even if her reason is a good one (and it is a good one). Another friend has just disappeared from my life, I don’t know why at all. Everyone once in a while she pops up with a message, and then is gone again. The rest of them I don’t know what is going on. I talk and they act like I didn’t say anything, or they give the credit to someone else. I mean that other person did say something, but it was the same thing I said. So why did they acknowledge her and just act like I wasn’t there? I am going to drive myself crazy with these questions. Time to find some new friends.

Normally when I am feeling like this, I talk to Cookie, but she is the friend with the very good reason for not talking to me. So I only have this blog to talk about it on.