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>Why I’m Grumpy today.

>1) overslept so I didn't have time to do my face and am convinced I now look like sh**.

2) have a pain in my shoulder that is bothering my neck or vice versa.

3) some idiot locked the filing cabinet and I don’t have the key so I had to ask operations to open it for me (not really a problem since they like me but still a pain)

4) my dark purple hooded sweatshirt with ‘New York City’ in white letters on the front (which makes it my favorite) has whitish lint on it that I can’t scotch tape off, this contibutes to the ‘I look like sh** syndrome.’.

Now I have to go out and get some lunch, and it is cold and I have no idea what to get.

>Not feeling down

>Someone made a comment on my post with my poem, that she hoped I was not feeling that way on that particular day, the day I posted the poem, and no I wasn’t, I just noticed I hadn’t posted all my poems and decided to do that, so as not to overload my readers I decided to do one a week and that was just the next poem on the list.

However, when I wrote the poem, I was feeling like that. In fact, I was sitting in my closet at the very back so no one could see me, if anyone else was in the room that is, but there was no one in the room, that should indicate just how low I was feeling.

Anyway, there will be another poem next week.

>Lonely and blue

>I am feeling sad and neglected this morning, my friends are not talking to me. One friend I know why, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with me feeling lonely, even if her reason is a good one (and it is a good one). Another friend has just disappeared from my life, I don’t know why at all. Everyone once in a while she pops up with a message, and then is gone again. The rest of them I don’t know what is going on. I talk and they act like I didn’t say anything, or they give the credit to someone else. I mean that other person did say something, but it was the same thing I said. So why did they acknowledge her and just act like I wasn’t there? I am going to drive myself crazy with these questions. Time to find some new friends.

Normally when I am feeling like this, I talk to Cookie, but she is the friend with the very good reason for not talking to me. So I only have this blog to talk about it on.

Just me

I need to vent. I post to a message board and after I posted a post about not liking cucumbers and Laughing Cow cheese, no one posted after me. I wonder if I offended anyone when I made my comments, was it the way I said “Cucumbers taste bad” or perhaps it was the comment about the red cow with earrings. I thought all comments were welcome unless you were personally attacking someone. Maybe they don’t like people from Beacon! It is probably just my post menopausal syndrome making me moody and suspicious. Anyway, I am not going to post for a while to see if anyone misses me.