>After missing all day Monday and yesterday coming in at noon, I was happy to catch my regular train. Now I am sitting on the train looking at the River (I don’t know which one) and the bridge over it and a green sign that I can’t read. The problem? A red light! We have been sitting here for over 30 minutes I hope we get moving soon. I have to go to the potty.

Looking at the map, I figured out I was looking at the Harlem River and I think the bridge I saw was the George Washington. We had this training, meeting, video conference because of the budget cuts. As long as my position doesn’t get cut, I don’t really care. Anyway, part was O.K. and part was so boring!

More train problems coming home. Not mine, the train before mine, we stopped in Cold Spring to pick up passengers from that train, one said the train just died.

So now I am getting ready to go to bed. Nothing else to do.