My hair is now red all the way to the roots. I did it myself last night. I am totally out of money right now. It looks pretty good. Those few times getting it done in the salon have made the color very even and so it doesn’t look two tone anymore. I also washed it after I colored it, something I don’t usually do but they do in the salon. Then I braided it. It feels really smooth and untangley today. I think I might braid it every night, just to keep the tangles out.

My thigh and my butt are still sore from the incident with the guard rail Saturday. My knee is also really bothering me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have my high heeled boots on today but I was tired of wearing the other ones. Covered gray roots, jeans and so I just wanted to continue the image down to my feet. In a few minutes I have to go to the ladies room then on to the annex for training. I have to switch the Altoids in my pocket to a tin that is already open.
One more thing, the beautiful flowers that I had on my desk were covered with bugs this morning. I moved them to the windowsill, but the bugs didn’t leave my desk. I was very annoyed. Now the bugs are gone from my desk, but they are not around the flowers. This is so strange.