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>On a foggy September day in 1970, six-year-old Jens Davidsson leaves his house, climbs over a wall and disappears. Popular opinion is that he wandered down to the sea and drowned. This opinion is not shared by the boy’s mother and grandfather, each for their own reasons. 20 years later, it appears that they were right when the grandfather receives a package in the mail, a package that contains a little boy’s sandal.

The novel moves from present to past, telling us the history of a man some suspect as the killer and some believe has been dead at least 10 years before the boy disappeared. As the grandfather gets closer to the truth of what happened, his daughter renews her relationship with him, comes to grips with the disappearance of her son and both discover that some people are not at all what they appear to be.

The pace of this novel is good, a good foundation is laid with the characters and in true suspense thriller fashion, the ending is a twist.


>I had a very strange dream last night. I dreamed I was at a WW meeting (I am a WW member but I am online only) and Dayna was the leader (she is no longer a leader) and I was trying to explain to her my reasoning for journaling and not counting points. She kept looking at me. Just looking, she didn’t say anything. Anyway, now I have decided that tomorrow morning I have to weigh myself and I have to start using the online tracker to count my points. No more fooling around.

Speaking of dreams, I also dreamed that someone was in our basement, but it wasn’t our basement, it was more like the basement at work but the doors wouldn’t close and lock. Then someone else came and hit me and tried to beat me up but it didn’t hurt and I couldn’t defend myself. That was when I realized it was a dream, I had some other weird dreams that I can remember but can’t describe. Does that ever happen to you?

There was something else I was going to say about yesterday, but I can’t remember it. Anyway I have to get ready for the meeting so I really should go now.