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>Beer Chips!

I saw a post about these on another blog, the blogger is in Missouri, or Mississippi, so I googled ‘beer chips’ and found a website, you can see it by clicking on this link. There is a ‘chip locator’ on the website, so you can find out where to buy these chips in your area. I put in my home address zip code and my work zip code and there is a store in NYC that sells them! I don’t think I will buy them though, given the trouble I have with beer.


>I overslept this morning, I missed the Book Study. Em called and wants to go shopping at a mall in New Rochelle. She doesn’t know where it is. I don’t even know where New Rochelle is. I had better get dressed, I think she wanted to leave by now.

I am thinking about canceling my WW membership. I am not using anything but the message boards. I am giving it this month and if I don’t consistently use the online tracker I am canceling. I can still post on the message boards, I just won’t have access to the whole site.

We did not go to the place in New Rochelle. Em found out it didn’t have many stores, mainly restaurants. So we went to the Palisades. It was so crowded I had to drop her off and drive around looking for a parking space. So I parked in Home Depot, except there is not an entrance to the mall from Home Depot and not wanting to walk around on the road I walked up the hill over the grass to the parking lot and over the guard rail, well, other people were doing it with no problem you know? I guess if you are only 5 feet tall and like to wear tight jeans, you shouldn’t try to hop over a guard rail. Well, I wasn’t really hopping but I tried to just swing my leg over and not touch the guard rail cause it was wet. Well, I touched it all right! I have a bruised backside, it hurts to even sit on my bed. I should have sat on an ice pack when I got home.

I got a new jacket and Em got a new red sweater and some tinted moisturizer from Lancôme. The jacket is to replace my leather jacket. I got some leather lotion and it was either the wrong lotion or I put it on wrong but now the jacket looks worse than before I put the lotion on. This new jacket is navy blue and matches the NYPD hat I got in the City.