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>Good night.

>I am just making a quick post before I hit the sack. I spent a lot of time online today. Mostly on my book sites updating my libraries. Of course they are virtual libraries. List of books I want to read I have 395 on Shelfari and 385 on LibraryThing. Only 212 are to be read.

I requested a couple of books from the library one is for a Shelfari discussion group and I don’t remember the other.

Other than that, Gwen and I had a good time at the meeting. We got to talk to friends we rarely see and after we went to Panera for lunch. We each got one of the two things, right now I can’t remember what they are called, soup and half sandwich, different soup and different sandwich. We were thinking we could continue our fun at home, but D was home. So we just went to our rooms. I have only been back upstairs to have dinner, I was going to watch L&O:CI but D wanted the news on. So I have been watching TV in the basement and working on my computer.


>I am up

>and showered. Of course, Gwen was already up and dressed by the time I got up. I think she really wants to go to the meeting! Tee, Hee. We both know why, and she would positively kill me if she knew I was making this public! In a minute I have to get dressed but in that minute . . .

You see I have changed my template for this blog. I had to for the background. I decided since I like black, I am using it on my blogs. Black and purple. I had to change the color of the font so you could see it. And I widened the sidebar ’cause Sassy’s picture was cut off. What else? Oh I added a line break to the Subscribe to …. widget because it was cut off. Now I don’t want to go with the 3 column format. I like it the way it is now.