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>Coldplay – Viva La Vida

This is my favorite Coldplay song. In fact, this song is the reason I keep listening to their music. I like a lot of their songs. I never realized that the lead singer is kind of cute and has the prettiest eyes!

>Playing hooky

>From work, that is what I did today. So I guess I should have said, played hooky as the title for this post. I got up and got on the train, but I went to White Plains instead of to work. I had lunch with Beth and Anne. Anne brought leftovers from her dinner yesterday. It was good, but the stuffing wasn’t as good as Em’s.

Tigger sent me a post asking if we could go driving. I replied, I’m not home, I guess he didn’t look out the window and see my car was not in the yard. I told him where I was and not to tell mom, he didn’t, but when we were talking, I don’t remember what she said, but he kind of rolled his eyes, and I looked at him then stared at Em and she said, You didn’t go to work today did you? So after all that worrying that he would blab, I blew it! HA HA.

Well anyway, now I will go upstairs and see if the food is ready. I really want to go to Target and get some things. I also want to look for a book I just read about.

I also got e-mails from Cookie and Melva. I am happy. Not about what is happening with them, that is definitely very sad, but I am glad I got to hear from them. I have a card for Cookie, I need to write it and send it out.