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>Em couldn’t hold out any longer

>So we ended up in Manhattan today. When Em said we wouldn’t be coming until January I knew she wouldn’t make it. Sure enough this morning I got a text from Tigger, “Do you want to go to the city?” So I hopped in the shower, then ran quick to the bank and the gas station to get Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi for Em. Then home to put on make-up and wait for Em, oh I also made myself a fried egg and cheese sandwich.

It was D, Em, Tigger and me. I was afraid having D along would ruin the experience but he behaved himself. We didn’t find the Apple store he wanted to go to but we did find the Whole Food store and I bought some of the brown rice pasta I heard about and Em got some biscotti. Then we went to find D and Tigger at Borders. Tigger and I got snacks and water and Em got a set of notebooks. This is one (I was writing this in a notebook before blogging it here). I know I am going to blog this but I have images in my head that will be gone when I get home. So she gave me this notebook so I could record them on the train.

When we got to Central Park it was dark and my head was really pounding. I was going to get a hot sausage but they were walking away. I didn’t really need it and I shouldn’t have eaten more bread. Anyway Em said she would have waited, has she ever left me? YES she left me in Buffalo.

As we left Central Park I took a Maxalt. These are not the melting tablets, they are regular tablets you have to swallow, but they are really small and easy to swallow. I didn’t like the taste of the other ones anyway. We walked back to Grand Central Terminal and the sky was charcoal gray in color up to the fog/clouds then it was white, it was so neat. The tops of the buildings were cut off.

We went to Annie Moore’s for dinner. Everything was good. I had a Glenfiddich which might not have been such a good idea after having a Maxalt. I got very sleepy, Em suggested I have a cup of coffee and that certainly helped.

Now as I am sitting on the train I am remembering I never cleaned Butterscotch’s box like I said I would, and I didn’t tell you I had $89 in coins so now I have $149 for my I-Pod, and I really hate my ear buds because they keep falling out of my ears, and the best thing about getting rid of a migraine is being able to turn my music up really loud without pain. And sometimes I wonder why, since I grew up in the country and small towns, why do I love Manhattan so much?

I know one is supposed to write feelings in a journal but it is hard for me. My biggest feeling right now is fear. Fear my plans to move won’t work out, that I might make the move but not be able make a go of it. I guess it can be summed up a fear of failure. I lived alone in Buffalo, but Buffalo was depressing, I was glad to leave it. Well the only thing to do is keep moving forward.


>Rainy Saturday

>The kids are watching Journey to the Center of the Earth, when I asked Gwen why she said, “Because its a science fiction movie with no purpose!”, I was going to ask her to help me write my account number on my quarter rolls so I can take them to the bank today, I guess I am doing it on my own.

Em is working, she sent me a text asking me to make the rain go away. If I could, I would, was my response. Of course, my phone was off so I didn’t get the message until a little bit ago and she is probably doing something where she can’t respond or the phone ringing is an annoyance. Oh well.

My only plans for today are to go to the bank and go to Allsport. I let you know if I do anything exciting. I am going to put my quarters in my account for my I-Pod Nano. I forget how much I have, $30 or $40 I think. I’ll let you know.