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>$2,000 plus for The American Cancer Society

>This is how much money the students at Beacon High raised in the month of November. This means that some of the male teachers are getting shaved. Yep, they promised. And one security guy said he would shave his head. Tomorrow they are having a ceremony where the check for $2,102.41 is going to be presented (I got the amount off the picture) and the press is going to be there and a bunch of important people. Tigger is one of the students that has been chosen to speak to the press. So Em took him shopping so he will look really good.

Yesterday, when I came upstairs for dinner he was standing in the dinning room and asked me if he smelled ‘pretty’, yes that is the word he used. Em had bought him some cologne. He had just dabbed it on so it wasn’t too heavy and it smelled nice.


>Lonely and blue

>I am feeling sad and neglected this morning, my friends are not talking to me. One friend I know why, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with me feeling lonely, even if her reason is a good one (and it is a good one). Another friend has just disappeared from my life, I don’t know why at all. Everyone once in a while she pops up with a message, and then is gone again. The rest of them I don’t know what is going on. I talk and they act like I didn’t say anything, or they give the credit to someone else. I mean that other person did say something, but it was the same thing I said. So why did they acknowledge her and just act like I wasn’t there? I am going to drive myself crazy with these questions. Time to find some new friends.

Normally when I am feeling like this, I talk to Cookie, but she is the friend with the very good reason for not talking to me. So I only have this blog to talk about it on.