>I keep trying to get on WW my posts but I can’t. I think it is a problem with the website because I can get to my G-mail account and I just read Sarah’s blog. So for now I can’t see if anyone else has posted a message to me. I have to get lunch soon. I don’t know if I will get a sandwich or salad. I am tired of salad, it is too hot in here for soup. Maybe some Mac-n-cheese. Well gotta run.

I ended up getting a City Light, it is avocado, mozzarella cheese, tomato and olive oil. I don’t know if it is actually ‘light’ or not, but I kind of like it.

Em picked me up. She went to Mr. Mc retirement party. Someone where she works is causing a lot of trouble and bad times for her. Makes me mad.

When I got home, there was a package for me. I was surprised, it was the book from LibraryThing. The last book took so long to get here and this one so soon! I just finished Dewey so it is good timing.

This is from LibraryThing:

On a gray September day, on an island off the coast of Sweden, six -year -old Jens Davidsson ventured out of his backyard, walked out into a fog, and vanished…. Now twenty years have passed, and in this magnificent debut novel of suspense—a runaway bestseller in Sweden—the boy’s mother returns to the place where her son disappeared, drawn by a chilling package sent in the mail… In it, lovingly wrapped, is one of Jens’ sandals—sandals Julia Davidsson put on her son’s feet that very last morning. …

Now, with only a handful of clues, Julia and her father are questioning islanders who were present the day Jens vanished—and making a shocking connection to Öland’s most notorious murder case: the killing spree of a wealthy young man who fled the island and died years before Jens was even born. Suddenly the island that once seemed so achingly familiar turns strange and dangerous… Until Julia finds herself facing truths she never imagined—about what really happened on that September day twenty years ago, about who may have crossed paths with little Jens in the fog, and how a child could truly vanish without a trace…until now.