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>$21K for a rug

>This is insane! The governor of NY is trying to cut spending, including cutting state worker’s salery, saying we are in economic trouble, OK, so maybe you shouldn’t have spent 21,000 dollars for a new rug!

He is also taking trips and going to Canada to make speeches. It leaves me speechless!


>So tired today

>You may have noticed that my list of books read in 2008 is not on the side or anywhere else on this blog. I put it on my ‘book’ blog. That is why I am so tired, I was up to 1:00 a.m. doing it. You see, I wanted to link the books to the reviews I had written, that meant I had to search for them, since I combined reviews on posts with other stuff, I couldn’t just look at the title of the post. Fortunately, I was using labels so I got most that way.

This morning Stitch drove me to the train. It was pretty cold but I started the car a few minutes before we left for the train so it was pretty warm in the car. Also this morning I learned that if your earbuds get yanked out of your ears, it doesn’t feel good.