>What I was going to say. Very cold today, had to scrape the windows off this morning. Fortunately I had started her a few minutes before we went out so some of it was already melting. And where was Stitch while I was doing this? Huddled in the car cause it was cold.

Then when I was on the train I realized I had forgotten my scarf. Don’t know why I didn’t realize it before, then when I got off the 7 train I couldn’t find my hat.

Tigger wants me to take him to the Verizon store to see the new Blackberry Storm. Besides the fact that there will be about a million people there, I am getting an MRI. I totally forgot about Ann’s jewelry party when I made the appointment. Oh well maybe Em will buy me something.

Me again (2nd e-mail) in my favorite hiding place. I just drank 1.5L of water straight from the fridge and now I am freezing. The main problem with my hiding place is the poor or no connection. Which means this may never get where it is going. I have gotten a lot done today. So now I am going to say good-bye and do some more.

I am now home and will be leaving for my exam in a minute or two. I have to brush my teeth, put on lipstick etc etc. I don’t know why I am so nervous. Well, now I am nervous I won’t be done in time to get a latte before I have to get Gwen I have to pick her up at Panera at 9:00. My test is scheduled for 7:50, so if it goes longer than 30 minutes I will be late.

D took Tigger to see the storm, he said they didn’t stay long because D didn’t really like it. But Tigger likes it.