>Missed another day. Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. I wanted to get new medicine for my migraine headaches. They have come back. I don’t know what is triggering them. Anyway, I was running around all day yesterday. Took Stitch to school and Gwen and I went to see WALL·E at the $2 theater. I hadn’t seen it and she didn’t mind seeing it again. It was cute, I need to record it on my list before I forget. I can’t find the receipt so I have to do it tonight. Then took Gwen to class, went to get Stitch, but he wasn’t at school, he was at a friend, one of his classes got canceled. I told him he was taking a chance thinking I could remember how to get there. Anyway, I found it. Then got Gwen and home. I feel like I was in my car all day.

This morning I went for blood work. Dr. Nejad also wants me to have an MRI. Not looking forward to that. I have a bruise on my arm where the technician took the blood. I got a headache, I don’t know if it was exactly a migraine, but it wasn’t going away so I took one of the tablets Dr. Nejad gave me and “WOW”, that is strong stuff. So I should sleep good tonight because no headache.