>Sometimes I feel like an idiot. Right now is one of those times. What causes these episodes? Little things, like yesterday I forgot my make-up and protein water and today I again forgot to grab a protein water and my cell phone. I mean I have my ‘city’ one, but only a few have that number. Also, I can’t access my e-mail account with this phone. Well I can, but I don’t know how much the cost is.

Last night Em said the forecast was for snow and we got it! If I wanted to be poetic, I would say there was a whisper of snow on my car this morning, not even enough to brush off, the wind blew it off pulling out of the driveway. It was wicked cold though. The sky is trying to peek through the clouds right now, but I’m sure it is still wicked cold out there. I will find out in 15 minutes, I have to leave to get my allergy shots today.

Em asked me to pick Gwen up after my shot, so I am going a little early. I sent Gwen a text message, but I don’t know if she will read it, she doesn’t know about my ‘city’ phone. I will just send her another one from my other phone when I get home. Since I need to start getting ready to leave, I am going to send this and I will be back later.