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>Got my flu shot, I went to CVS in Manhattan. Afterward, I was wandering around and was hungry, I walked by Delmonico Gourmet Food Market, so I had to go in and check it out. I got some Kimchee Raman and it was enough for at least two people, maybe three! I got it spicy and it was good, but messy, I ended up with spots on my top. Well, nothing a spin in the washer won’t cure.

I hate having such a short post, I also hate it when my laptop slides off my lap. My blankets are bunched up on my lap so that is why it keeps sliding toward my knees. I don’t think I told you I had a bad cramp in my leg last night, the muscle just knotted up and it hurt! Today it was hurting too. My tummy is still a little upset, I tried calling the Doctor for some migraine medicine, but they were at lunch and I was leaving to get my flu shot and it just didn’t work out. There are some other things I really should be doing but I just don’t have the energy right now. I did a load of whites, only because I wore my last clean pair of socks today. I have no idea what happened to all my socks, but I don’t have as many pairs as I used to.



New WaterSense Factoid
If every home in the United States installed WaterSense labeled faucets or faucet aerators in the bathrooms, it would save 60 billion gallons of water annually—saving households more than $350 million in water bills and about $600 million in energy costs to heat their water. Additionally, water and waste water utilities would save 200 million kilowatt-hours of electricity normally used for supplying and treating that water. The WaterSense website has a complete list of WaterSense labeled products.

>Rocky Start

>to today, I was so sick. I didn’t think I had drank that much but this morning I woke at 5:00 a.m. and my mouth was dry and my head was pounding. I got up, drank a couple glasses of water and took some Tylenol®, I then laid back down. Well, I was soon back up and throwing up. Until almost 8:00 a.m. I remember lying on the bed and thinking, I have to get better, how else will the car get back to Region 2? Obviously I survived, although I was positive for a while I wouldn’t make it.

This was what my car looked like when I walked out to it. Of course there was no scrapper or snow brush in it. A couple of guys that were in the same conference helped me out with cleaning off the car. Coming home I made excellent time. I didn’t get lost and I didn’t make any stops. Then everyone here was feeling crummy so nobody did anything. I think maybe I wasn’t hung over this morning because my tummy is still kind of unhappy. I have to go take my contacts out. Then I think I will make some tea and drink my tea and read some blogs.

Lake Placid

1294lakeplacid081028They have internet (WiFi) in the rooms here. Good thing because I can’t get a signal in the room we are having our training in. Training is over for today, dinner is in 15 minutes so I will have to go and come back later. I just opened the door to my ‘balcony’ its about a foot wide, and took this picture. Yes, its real snow.

So I am back now, and if you knew what time it was or how much I had to drink, you would be saying, go to bed girl! I think this classifies as drunk blogging. We played this game after dinner, then a bunch of us went to a bar, then another bar, cause the first bar closed. The first bar had a beer called Just Hutched (the brewers name is Hutch and he just got married) and it had lavender in it. I just put on my lavender lotion and it is making me think of it. Now it is 1 a.m. and I just got out of the bath and my head is somewhere else, but not on my shoulders I am sure. It is too hot in this room. I know that for sure.

I was going to say that this morning the sky went from black, (and raining) to gray (and raining) then it was ta da! White, and snowing. Then when I got to where the training was it was back to gray. I saw the ski jumps where the Olympians train, tomorrow I am going to try to get a picture of them. I also want to get some pictres of Lake Placid. So far the only souvenir I have is a token from the bar we went to. And I only have that because Brian bought me my second beer.


>Work trip

>Tomorrow I go to Lake Placid, they are forecasting snow. They gave me an Impala, I hope I don’t wreak it. I have the address already in my GPS and I checked the cigarette lighter to make sure it worked. Then I almost got lost coming home because I forgot to change the destination to home and when I realized it, I had no idea where I was. I knew I was near Tarrytown, but that was about it. I quickly changed it and got back on the right road home. Now I need to pack for tomorrow, but I really don’t feel like it, I want to wait until Gwen gets home so I can show her how to treat her coat.

I have given up on Gwen, she can figure out how to treat her coat herself. My eyes hurt from my contacts and I forgot my eye drops last night so they are really bugging me. I just bit my tongue so hard I had to go upstairs and get a spoonful of ice chips for it, and I still have to pack! I really don’t have to pack much, I am only staying overnight. I am just nervous going all the way up there by myself. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t watch so much TruTV, then I would scare myself so bad!

For some reason my labels are not working. I have to show them and click on them when I used to be able to just start typing the name and they showed up, maybe I made too many. I am taking my computer with me, I don’t know if I will have internet access, but if I do, I will be posting. If I don’t I will be sending e-mail from my phone and have to clean them up when I get back.

>Sunday afternoon

>Just a quick hello, I am off to the gym and don’t want to miss Em, like I usually do when I dawdle when we take separate cars cause we each have something to do. I am leaving my computer open because my WW post hasn’t posted yet. I will be back after gym and getting a coffee or some food or something.

Weighed myself this morning and I was 137.6, that is not too bad considering how off program I have been lately.

So I actually feel like I did something today. I got to Allsport and exercised and showered. Then I went to Borders and didn’t buy anything, not even a snack. I did stop at Taco Bell first though. Then I went to Target to get some cards and an envelope to mail that stamp I found to Cookie. I hope she likes it. I also got a card for Don and Sally, a little late, so I got a blank card with a pretty picture on it so I can just say, I am sorry I was a dork and didn’t send you a sympathy card, but here is a card to let you know I am thinking of you. Think they will like it? The other card has four vases with flowers in them, I bought it because it was pretty and the envelope is lavender. I got the card written to Cookie and the envelope address. I will do Don and Sally’s later. I really want to get to bed early tonight.

Also today I rubbed the leather lotion all over my coat. Now tomorrow night I have to show Gwen how to do it. She wanted me to do it and I said, “You are an adult, you can take care of your own clothes.” So now she expects me to show her how to do it.

Now it is time to check my other blogs (that I follow) and my e-mail and maybe go to bed.


>It is evening and I am not feeling so great. Earlier tonight I took Tigger to Verizon because his phone is giving him problems so now he is getting a new phone which he is not exactly happy about because he thinks the enV is garbage. So now we have to wait and see if this phone works or if it tanks on Tigger. He thinks the enV just doesn’t like him! I didn’t really just take him, I wanted to get ice cream, so I asked him to come with. He said he would, so I went to Cold Stone Creamery which is next to the Verizon Store.

So I am watching Forensic Files right now, it is one I haven’t seen yet. So I will talk to you later. I was wrong, I had seen the Forensic Files before. However, there was one after that which I had not seen and the satellite signal was lost before it ended. So I don’t know how they proved their case. Gwen was down in the basement then since the boys were being ‘mean’ to her. Both of us were waiting for Primeval to come on. Hoping the signal would come back before it started. It came back within a few minutes of it starting.

Today was just spent sleeping in and then shopping. I got new jeans and eyeliner. I don’t like the purple Lancôme eyeliner I have, Em couldn’t find the right shade of red in Lancôme so we both ended up at the M.A.C. counter and found what we wanted. I told her, M.A.C. is my favorite right after Lancôme.

I have 500 hits on my blog. I am sure a lot of those are from me posting and tweaking my posts until they look like I want them to. But still, it means some are reading. Maybe insomniacs? LOL!

>Weird cat and parrot

>The cat has decided that on top of the parrot’s cage is her spot, and the parrot doesn’t mind her at all. He just sits in there eating his food, “Yes, there is fur and teeth and nails right above me, but she can’t get me so why should I care?”

>Training Today blech

>We had training today and it was blech, except for the desire to strangle Dilip whenever he opened his mouth. I was trying to listen to the instructor and he just wouldn’t shut up! I resisted of course cause I am here and not in custody. But soon I need to leave, actually, I should have already left. I just wanted to get this sent.

I have taken another step toward my move, I got a cell phone with the area code of where I am moving. I took my old phone and got some minutes on it and when you go online, you can get the area code of where you will be using the phone, so that’s what I did. I gave Em the number and she has been sending me text messages to the new number today because I was not at my computer all day.

Well, it is past time for me to be on my way. I am planning on working out tonight so I will be back when I am done. Oh one more thing, I finished The Scandal of the Season, it was O.K., just not my cuppa. The library sent me an e-mail that Dewey by Vicki Myron was in so I am going to stop to pick it up on my way home. It is not next on my list to read, next I am reading Double Bind, I have to read them quick so I can return them on time. I also just requested Casino Royale from the library because Sarah was talking about James Bond on her blog, so now I feel compelled to check out Daniel Craig as Bond.

I ended up not going to Allsport, I know I should have, but my throat is all filled up with crud and I just couldn’t work up the energy to. Tigger wanted some Spree, which I told him I would go out and get when I went to Allsport, since I didn’t go I had to think of something else. I went instead to get gas and it was $2.99 a gallon! I was so excited, I never thought that I would think of $2.99 for a gallon of gas a cheap price!

We got e-mails for our training in Lake Placid so I put the address of the hotel in my GPS tonight. Now I have to make sure to remember to check the car I get to be sure the cigarette lighter works.


>Do you think

>people realize when they look like flaming idiots?

I was at Borders last night, I had a coupon and it is time to get next years appointment book. As I was standing looking through the Moleskin display (cause you know that is the brand appointment book I get every year) a man was at the register trying to return something and it was against Borders policy, whatever he wanted to return they couldn’t accept it, and so he thought they (the people in that store) should change Border’s policy to accommodate him, “If you want to keep me as a customer, you will give in to my demands.”, he was very loud and got on the phone, after asking, “Do you have the receipt for the stuff you got me for my birthday? Cause Border’s won’t take it back”, he then says, “Well now you got some new stuff cause they won’t take it back.” So now whoever gave it to him knows he was returning it, except he is probably the type that told them when he got it it “Why did you get me this? I don’t like it.” People like that are one of the reasons I left retail sales.