>I keep forgetting to do this. My weight is 136.6 lbs. In the 14 weeks since I recommitted I have lost 5.2 pounds. That is an average of 0.4 per week. I am 4.6 pounds heavier then when I first joined WW. It may not seem like a lot, but since I only have about twenty pounds to lose it is a lot to me and as someone said, I am going in the right direction now.

On another totally unrelated subject, when I was looking up tea at Amazon, and saw that PG Tips was $8 for a box, I decided that I would try to find PG Tips locally and if it wasn’t too expensive buy it. Hannaford’s had it, I wasn’t too surprised by that, and even though it was twice the price of the tea I normally buy, it was actually less then Twinings. It comes in these cute triangle bags, well actually they are a pyramid, no string but the bag came to the top of the water so I could grab it with my fingers. As for the taste, mmm I love tea.

Tonight when I was trying to make a cup with dinner, the pot kept turning off but the water wasn’t boiled, Fred was turning it off, he thought it was turning on by itself! Such a silly boy. Now I have to go get Gwen. I will be back later.