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>What an amazing day!

>We had just a great day in NYC. I am too tired now to post about it and I am trying not to get a migraine. I took one of Tigger’s pills. TOPAMAX and it seems to be helping, but I need to sleep. I turned off my alarm. Hopefully I will wake up in time or someone will wake me up.


>NYC Bound

>YAY! All I had planned to do today was take my car to get some work done and go get a flu shot. M started texting me that she wanted to go to the city. Of course, you know I am always up for a trip to the city. Right now she is working but when she gets off we will be on our way there! I still have time to get my car and get my flu shot, in fact I should be getting a phone call about my car anytime now. If I don’t get a flu shot that is not a tragedy I can get it another day.

When looking at other people’s blogs, I get jealous sometimes. They seem so polished and accomplished. They write these long blogs about something, I look at mine and it seems to be a jumble of thoughts. I realize it is because I am committed (some would say I need to be committed) to posting everyday. I don’t always have something to talk about so I just post whatever thoughts are coming into my head, that’s why it is a jumble.

I was thinking about that as I was walking back from dropping off my car. That I could run all these thoughts in my head into one coherent essay about my life on a Saturday morning. How I had to drop M sweater off so she could work on it while she was at work, and how it was too cold for what I was wearing and I was freezing so I stopped at DD’s to get something to eat and wait for it to warm up a bit. And how I hate it when a place changes its menu. Like at DD they have these egg white flat bread breakfast sandwiches I like to get. But they have added regular flat bread sandwiches and that is what they gave me because I didn’t realize I had to specify what kind of flat bread sandwich I wanted. Anyway, I have to go now because Tigger wants songs and I have to get my car and M keeps texting me and I have to put make-up on to go to Manhattan.