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>Gluten-free Macaroni and Cheese

>is what I got for lunch. It was frozen and it was a good choice. Not that it was supper yummy, ’cause it wasn’t, but because it didn’t make me sick or upset my tummy one little bit. I needed something with no allergens in it that didn’t have a lot of roughage, when my stomach is unsettled that is the last thing I can eat.

As for the city, after buying jackets we just kept on walking until we got to Central Park, we bought ice cream from a vendor, I got brain freeze due to eating it too fast and we walked around the park a little bit. Then we walked back to GCT by way of Time Square. We were going to do some shopping but there were too many tourists just milling around and getting in our way so we stopped to eat at this o.k. touristy place, service was good and friendly, food was o.k. They didn’t have Glenfiddich, so we had Johnnie Walker Black.

When we got back to GCT, before we went in, I took Em to my favorite bar, Annie Moore’s, if you look at the picture, you see the bar and at the end in the back are 3 steps, and some tables, we were sitting at the first table to the left as you look at the picture. We had Glenfiddich and potato skins, they were very good. Em approved of my bar, she says when we come down on the first, we will have dinner there because the prices are pretty reasonable.

We got to GCT about 2 minutes before the train was leaving, so we decided just to wait for the next one, went to the bathroom, Em got some Pepsi, I was already working on a migraine so I didn’t want a whole soda, just sips of hers. Then we got on the train home, and who got on the train in Yonkers? Yes you guessed it, Em’s kid that was on the same train with us in the morning!

So now I am done, at least, I can’t think of anything else to say. Next trip is November 1st and we have plans for that day.


>I tried

>to send this from my phone but I kept getting an error message. Now I don’t remember what I was going to say. Something about how I was trying to sleep but people kept coming into the ladies room so I couldn’t.

I am still feeling the effects of the migraine and I just noticed I have huge black circles under my eyes and you know I don’t look good in black. I tried putting purple eyeliner on my upper lid and a dab of white/silver on the lower lid at the outer corner to try to attract attention away from it, but I think it is one of those things that nothing is going to help.

Sun is shining, I should go outside, with my shades of course, to soak up some sun and see if that helps any. I have no idea what I should eat, I definitely don’t feel like salad, maybe I’ll get a frozen lunch.