>on the message boards then I remembered it’s Yom Kippur. Kids off from school mean mom’s are busy so are not posting, or kids are hogging the computer.

Anyway, my phone came yesterday and I was up late activating it and checking it out. It seems to be working much better then the old one. Of course now I don’t have any of my appointments or custom ringtones. I repurchased one of them so nothing better happen with this phone.

I think I might be coming down with a cold. I am stuffed up and you know how some people get cold sores on their lips? Well I get these sores inside my nose when I get a cold. My poor nose really hurts. I am going to have to remember my Neti pot tonight.

The neti pot is really helping me breath now. Although my nose is still a little itchy and sore. I also took my peppermint so hopefully my tummy will feel better tomorrow. I really should be going to bed. I partook in some retail therapy. I am not posting pictures of what I bought, I will just say I got them from Victoria’s Secret.