>Today is a holiday for school children and civil service employees (ME!). Tigger was wearing the same dirty shirt and shorts he had on yesterday. When I commented about them he said, “So, I’m not going anywhere.” Now I have been known to wear clothes more than once, but only if they didn’t get dirty. These clothes he had on were filthy! He’s not a little kid, he’s a junior in High School! Is this normal? I don’t remember being like that when I was in school, then again I am a girl, (always have been too!) so maybe that is why.

Time to go to Allsport, I have my workout clothes on and just have to check things out upstairs before I go. I am taking my camera because I want to take some pictures of leaves while I am out and about.

Still haven’t gone yet. Em wanted to go at 4:00 so I am waiting for her. I did go to get some leaf pictures but where I went there were plenty of leaves, but no place to pull over. There is still the tree by the vet’s office. I may make a quick trip there.

Gwen took pictures of the things she wants to sell so I have to post them tonight along with the dolls, that I keep putting off. Well I’m off, again!