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>and it was going to say I probably shouldn’t be sending an e-mail to my BLOG when I am mad enough to KILL someone, but who else can I talk to when I have a homicidal urge? I don’t think most people would understand. In fact I think they would try to TALK ME OUT OF IT, when I don’t want to be talked out of it. However, I went for a walk and now I don’t feel like killing anyone, in fact I have kind of a sick headache now.



>I was a guest reviewer on Bonnie-Red Lady‘s blog. I reviewed Hell Bent. Go to her blog and check it out!

And now that I have read and reviewed it, I would like to give it away. To enter my giveaway and win a hard bound, in like new condition of Hell Bent by William G. Tapply, please post a comment here and sign my guest book, scroll to the bottom for the guest book, if you have a blog, post about the giveaway on your blog and link the post to your comment. If you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave your e-mail address. The deadline is October 29, 2008 and is limited to US residents due to shipping costs.