>Today has been one of those days. I kind of just wandered around and bugged people. It was National Boss Day, so I made sure to let people know that. I got a card and flowers, then I ended up giving the flowers to a co-worker because although I am no longer in a homicidal rage, I am still miffed. It didn’t help that he brought it up again today. Dude, just give it a rest.

Got some work done, went to lunch with some people, to a restaurant I won’t go to again. Ugh.

After work I stopped at the library to pay my fine and check out Double Bind and to see where on the list I am for Dewey. I am number 3. Then after I got home, I went to Allsport, Borders and Target. I almost bought a book I shouldn’t have at Borders, I resisted but I still want to get it. I got a black purse like my tan purse for winter, and I got a green tote bag that is a better size for taking my book to work.

I got a couple more songs by Coldplay, now Tigger wants me to send them to him. So I am off to do that.