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Pictures from homecoming

I picked these four photos to post. I was trying to post on WW about them and two times I got an error message. Now the page just won’t load. I am going to have some dinner then I will be back.

This first photo is the bleachers in the football field. Of course this field is used for more than just football, there is a track around the field. A few years back the Empire State Games were held here. The kids were able to volunteer for support services for them so that was a good experience for them.

Somebody brought their cute little long haired dachshund to the parade. I don’t know if it is a boy or girl, but the curly hair on the ears make me think its a girl. She looks like she is waiting for someone. She was very well behaved, didn’t jump around or bark or pull on her leash. Another reason I think she is a girl. She was so cute I just had to take her picture.

Here is the marching band, they are having to wait for traffic to clear, this is where Verplanck Ave, Cannon St., and N Cedar St. meet before you get to the football field. It used to be the police would put a car at N. Walnut and Verplanck to block traffic, but the past few years they haven’t done that. This year a big truck parked facing the wrong way on Verplanck so the band and rest of the parade could get into the football field.

And who is this? Could this be who Ms. Dachshund is waiting for? This is definitely a boy and you can tell by his blue shirt that he is a BEACON BULLDOG!

Now if you want to see all the pictures I took, there are not that many of them, look at the sidebar to the right, I put in a slideshow, next week I will move it down below the Manhattan one.


>Fred was in the parade I took some pics and a couple of videos. In one, I keep pointing the camera at the ground. The reason is I wasn’t sure the camera was recording and so I turned it down to look at the back. Now I am going to try to insert the videos. Looks like they worked! To avoid confusion, I am going to post the pictures in a separate post. The one to watch for is the short blond kid with sunglasses playing the clarinet. The voice at the end of the video is Stitch.

Here is the band starting off, you can’t see Fred, he was on the other side of the street.