>Yesterday I told you had to move stuff from the rolling cart. I enlisted Gwen’s help. I decided not to just move stuff but to also throw out stuff I didn’t need. In the bottom I found a backpack full of yarn along with a started afghan or blanket whichever you want to call it. I think there is a difference but I don’t know what it is.

The backpack was moldy so I had to throw it out. Fortunately the backpack had a plastic lining and the yarn was in plastic bags so it was O.K. After we got down with the cleaning and everything Gwen and I went out. I took her to the bank to cash her paycheck then we went to the mall, got lunch, got ice cream and I got some containers to put the yarn from the backpack in.

I thought one would be big enough, but to be on the safe side I got two, so now all the yarn in my computer room that was hanging in bags is in a nice plastic container. I have no idea where the pattern is that I was using for the afghan, I don’t even remember what book it was in, so I just made up a pattern out of my head, I just started it on what was already done, so it looks kind of weird, but I am writing it down so I can recreate it. Then last night when everyone was at the movie about the windshield wiper guy, I stayed home and knitted.

Today after church I wanted to go to Allsport, I also wanted to take pictures of leaves, but I really didn’t feel up to it. Then I remembered that tomorrow is a holiday, so I can do all that tomorrow. Maybe instead of driving around, I will take a walk and take pictures.