>instead of my usual I got a panini. It was good but I have a feeling I will regret it.

I don’t know why I didn’t say this last night but D forgot to come get me last night. I started walking, then decided walking home cause I was mad was not a good use of my time so I called him. Now he says to send him a text to remind him when he is supposed to come get me. Then later he says something like, if you are still seriously thinking about moving to … Still! I’ve only been thinking about it for three years! He was thinking about using my room for an office, he also offered to make me a futon which would be nice but might be unnecessary. Some of the apartments have murphy beds.

I was right about the nessi pot, she was talking about a ‘neti’ pot.

As expected I now have a stomach ache and I had to use my inhaler. Probably from the mustard, or maybe because the panini I had was next to the tuna panini, might have been some cross contamination going on there.Anyway my legs are shaking and I am having chills from the albuteral.This is what I should think of when I want somthing I shouldn’t have, how icky I feel after, even getting my fingers to work on this keyboard is hard. Ok, gotta go now.

This evening has not improved my mood. I wanted to leave early but I had to do something for the boss and it took me until 4:20. Then when I was at the subway, the subway that came in was packed! I was trying to get in and people kept bumping and pushing me, so I just stepped back, I was a little miffed. My claustrophobia had gotten the better of me. It turned out ok, the next train got in a minute after and not only was it not crowded, there were seats available! So I got to sit to GCT.

On the Metro North train I was also able to find a seat facing forward. This woman came to sit with me and she was ugh, bigger than Em. Then she fell asleep and started leaning toward me, soon she was not really leaning on me, but touching. I did not get any reading done.

I had to go get Gwen so no Allsport tonight. I could have gone if I rushed, but after all that happened today and Em asked me to put the food away so I didn’t just went up to get Gwen. Then she fell getting in the car! Then she started sniffing. She never said anything, but I think she sort of blamed me. Anyway, I just have to take a shower and then this day will be over.