>Just a quick hello, I am off to the gym and don’t want to miss Em, like I usually do when I dawdle when we take separate cars cause we each have something to do. I am leaving my computer open because my WW post hasn’t posted yet. I will be back after gym and getting a coffee or some food or something.

Weighed myself this morning and I was 137.6, that is not too bad considering how off program I have been lately.

So I actually feel like I did something today. I got to Allsport and exercised and showered. Then I went to Borders and didn’t buy anything, not even a snack. I did stop at Taco Bell first though. Then I went to Target to get some cards and an envelope to mail that stamp I found to Cookie. I hope she likes it. I also got a card for Don and Sally, a little late, so I got a blank card with a pretty picture on it so I can just say, I am sorry I was a dork and didn’t send you a sympathy card, but here is a card to let you know I am thinking of you. Think they will like it? The other card has four vases with flowers in them, I bought it because it was pretty and the envelope is lavender. I got the card written to Cookie and the envelope address. I will do Don and Sally’s later. I really want to get to bed early tonight.

Also today I rubbed the leather lotion all over my coat. Now tomorrow night I have to show Gwen how to do it. She wanted me to do it and I said, “You are an adult, you can take care of your own clothes.” So now she expects me to show her how to do it.

Now it is time to check my other blogs (that I follow) and my e-mail and maybe go to bed.