>Last night before I left work I made some tea and put it in my travel cup, worked out pretty good. This morning I had to take my car in so I made some tea (PG Tipps) and had that while I took it in and walked home. Later I got a call from the dealer, the transmission fluid needs to be changed and the serpentine belt needs to be changed. That’s the belt that controls the power steering. So I told them do the fluid change, I will bring it back for the other. Can’t afford to do both at the same time. Now I wish I hadn’t ordered those bras from Victoria’s Secret.

Tigger and I took the purple table out of my computer room last night. It was a good thing I complained that I couldn’t do it alone and he helped me because we had to move my fridge and take the table apart. I am also glad I swept and mopped the floor last night because the new (to me) blue table is already in there. Of course my work is not done, the blue table has been sitting around so long it is covered with dust and cobwebs and needs to be cleaned before anything can go on it. Also, the blue table wouldn’t fit in there with the brown rolling cart, so I need to take everything out of there and put it somewhere.

So why am I sitting here instead of doing it? Well, because D is moving stuff from his workroom to the new shed and I can’t go in and out of room so I can move stuff from the rolling cart to wherever I am putting it. Although I could be in the room cleaning the table off, but this is more fun. Also, I am all congested from the cleaning I did last night and I really don’t want to do it unless I have a dust mask.

This morning it was chilly when I went to the dealer with my car so I wore a sweat suit and pants. I just had to change them because now it is quite sunny.