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>Tuesday Thingers

>This is the first time that I’ve participated in the Tuesday Thingers weekly question. Marie from The Boston Bibliophile hosts this fun meme.

Today’s question: Early Reviewers- do you participate? How many books (approximately) have you received through the program? Have you liked them generally? What’s your favorite ER book? Do you participate in the discussion group on LT?

I joined Early Reviewers in August of this year and got a book the first time out. I have just finished it and have not as yet written my review but will be before the weekend. I liked this book ‘Hell Bent’ by William G. Tapply but since I have only got one book I can’t answer the favorite question. I don’t usually participate in the discussion group.


>I had a cheryl crow earworm this morning. That’s what happens when I read random G.D.T. threads in the morning. I was up way to late last night and I didn’t even get anything done. Tigger has the baby assignment, kind of funny his partner is a boy. Em says, “Tigger and KM adopted twins.” two each two pound bags of rice.

I changed my purse and I forgot to put my ID in the purse I brought today. I feel bad cause I like this purse better then the expensive EB one I bought. I just need to get the black one for winter.

Stitch has my car today, normally he doesn’t so I don’t know what is going to happen tonight, if I will have to get Gwen or if I can go to Allsport. I feel like I haven’t been in forever and really need to go.

My sniffles have morphed into a real cold and I am getting a head pressure feeling. I really should go now. I think I have said everything I need to say.

I finished reading Hell Bent by William G. Tapply and have posted a review on Shelfari and LibraryThing. You can click here to go to my review on LibraryThing. I do not want to post it here since it is a fairly long review but I enjoyed the book. I don’t feel like running out and getting more Brady Coyne Novels, but it was an enjoyable read.