>I had a cheryl crow earworm this morning. That’s what happens when I read random G.D.T. threads in the morning. I was up way to late last night and I didn’t even get anything done. Tigger has the baby assignment, kind of funny his partner is a boy. Em says, “Tigger and KM adopted twins.” two each two pound bags of rice.

I changed my purse and I forgot to put my ID in the purse I brought today. I feel bad cause I like this purse better then the expensive EB one I bought. I just need to get the black one for winter.

Stitch has my car today, normally he doesn’t so I don’t know what is going to happen tonight, if I will have to get Gwen or if I can go to Allsport. I feel like I haven’t been in forever and really need to go.

My sniffles have morphed into a real cold and I am getting a head pressure feeling. I really should go now. I think I have said everything I need to say.

I finished reading Hell Bent by William G. Tapply and have posted a review on Shelfari and LibraryThing. You can click here to go to my review on LibraryThing. I do not want to post it here since it is a fairly long review but I enjoyed the book. I don’t feel like running out and getting more Brady Coyne Novels, but it was an enjoyable read.