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>good morning

>I was going to post last night, don’t remember exactly about what, but remembered I had a survey from J.D. Powers to complete, they even sent me a dollar to do it! So anyway, it had sixty something parts and about a gazillion questions, OK maybe only a bazillion. When I was done I had to go to bed.

I am feeling much better today and I would like to give my thanks to everyone for their well wishes and interest. On another note, as I was heading out the door Stitch said, “I don’t even know what to say about this.” I turned around to look and there was Abigail (the cat) on top of Woodstock’s (the parrot) cage. And Woodstock was not making a sound, I hope he wasn’t dead from a heart attack.

I just got an e-mail with this quote in it:

“A woman is like a tea bag–you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), United States diplomat and reformer


>Tuesday Thingers

>Marie from The Boston Bibliophile hosts this fun meme.

Today’s question: Series. Do you collect any series? Do you read series books? Fantasy? Mystery? Science fiction? Religious? Other genre? Do you use the series feature in LT to help you find new books or figure out what you might be missing from a series?

In order, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No, Yes. I collect Ann Rule, although I don’t know if you could call that a true series since she writes true crime, but her collections of short stories are numbered. I have read series books ever since I can remember. In school it was all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, and I think I read them in order, and a series of books that were young people biographies (probably why I read memoirs today), most recently it was Peter Robinson’s series of Inspector Banks books. I don’t read fantasy as a rule or religious, I like mystery, some science fiction and historical fiction. I did not know about the series feature in LT, I usually go to FantasticFiction or my library website has that information.

>Gluten-free Macaroni and Cheese

>is what I got for lunch. It was frozen and it was a good choice. Not that it was supper yummy, ’cause it wasn’t, but because it didn’t make me sick or upset my tummy one little bit. I needed something with no allergens in it that didn’t have a lot of roughage, when my stomach is unsettled that is the last thing I can eat.

As for the city, after buying jackets we just kept on walking until we got to Central Park, we bought ice cream from a vendor, I got brain freeze due to eating it too fast and we walked around the park a little bit. Then we walked back to GCT by way of Time Square. We were going to do some shopping but there were too many tourists just milling around and getting in our way so we stopped to eat at this o.k. touristy place, service was good and friendly, food was o.k. They didn’t have Glenfiddich, so we had Johnnie Walker Black.

When we got back to GCT, before we went in, I took Em to my favorite bar, Annie Moore’s, if you look at the picture, you see the bar and at the end in the back are 3 steps, and some tables, we were sitting at the first table to the left as you look at the picture. We had Glenfiddich and potato skins, they were very good. Em approved of my bar, she says when we come down on the first, we will have dinner there because the prices are pretty reasonable.

We got to GCT about 2 minutes before the train was leaving, so we decided just to wait for the next one, went to the bathroom, Em got some Pepsi, I was already working on a migraine so I didn’t want a whole soda, just sips of hers. Then we got on the train home, and who got on the train in Yonkers? Yes you guessed it, Em’s kid that was on the same train with us in the morning!

So now I am done, at least, I can’t think of anything else to say. Next trip is November 1st and we have plans for that day.

>I tried

>to send this from my phone but I kept getting an error message. Now I don’t remember what I was going to say. Something about how I was trying to sleep but people kept coming into the ladies room so I couldn’t.

I am still feeling the effects of the migraine and I just noticed I have huge black circles under my eyes and you know I don’t look good in black. I tried putting purple eyeliner on my upper lid and a dab of white/silver on the lower lid at the outer corner to try to attract attention away from it, but I think it is one of those things that nothing is going to help.

Sun is shining, I should go outside, with my shades of course, to soak up some sun and see if that helps any. I have no idea what I should eat, I definitely don’t feel like salad, maybe I’ll get a frozen lunch.


It was an almost perfect day,

yesterday when Em and I went to the city. I almost started this post, I hate migraines! That was my first thought when I got out of bed and nearly fell on my head. But then thought the people who wanted to read about my day in NYC wouldn’t read it, that was the only thing that marred yesterday, and it started on the way home, there were probably a few things that contributed to it. I was glad Tigger had a Topamax I could take because I am sure I would not be feeling human now if I hadn’t had it.

So first thing when I got back from getting my car and saw Em in her gorgeous new purple sweater looking smokin’ HOT I knew I had to wear my new red sweater. I made sure to be super careful with my makeup, I also knew that there was no way my pale lipstick was going to cut it. I told her, first thing we do, is stop at the make-up store in GCT so I can get some RED lipstick.

DSCN0479We left from the train station and that was where the first weird, funny, coincidental thing happened. As we were pulling in to park, Em saw one of the students from school, it is one of the ones that Em calls ‘her kids’ that calls Em one of her other mothers, Em tutors her in P.I.G. Em said she can’t be going down to the city. Then as we were waiting for the train, Em’s cell phone goes off. She was mad, saying which one of my kids . . . It was this girl, she was waiting for the train too! She was going to see her boyfriend in Yonkers. So she sat behind us and talked to us and took a picture of her and Em and sent it to Tigger with a note, I’m on the train with your mom and you’re not!

We didn’t get red lipstick first thing, we went to the bathroom first thing. That when I discovered something that had the potential to ruin our day. I asked Em if she realized how stupid her friend was. Being the accommodating understanding BFF that she is, she asked how stupid? “You know your friend who takes little pills so she knows when her period is coming, then doesn’t make sure she has the supplies she needs?” Yep, the girl thing attack. However, even though my panties were stained, I didn’t really start flowing until last night, after I went to bed.

redlipstickSo then we went to the make-up store so I could get red lipstick. At first we couldn’t find any, all the reds were too dark, or too pink, or too brown, or a color that we thought should have been red wasn’t! I finally found one, and the name of the color had been torn off! So the sales clerk had to look through all the lipsticks until he found it, and he did. So here is my ‘Absolute Rouge’ lipstick, and it looks fabulous on. Something really cool about the tube of lipstick, the cap and base have magnets, so they click together and hold tight. Em got some really pretty eyeshadow too. I want some new eyeshadow, but I want to wait until I get my makeup done so I can get a color that I know looks good on me.

anntaylorhlcream2Then we started for Central Park. Central Park was our destination all along. Em wanted to go to the park. Why? I dunno, I’m just her BFF and go with the flow. We were also looking for jackets for us. Neither of us liked our current jackets so we both were looking for something not too heavy and the right color, for Em, that means black, purple, or red. For me, red, ivory or blue. Well, all we could find were too heavy, too expensive or for me wool, which I can’t wear. Along the way we stopped in Ann Taylor, which had some very nice jackets, but none suitable for what we wanted and I bought some very nice feeling and smelling body cream. We finally found something at the Gap, Em got a quilted down vest and I got a denim jacket. I love denim jackets and this was just your typical denim jacket that you wear for years.

This was not the end of our day, but I am getting very tired, so I will finish tomorrow. Like I said, if I hadn’t got that stupid migraine, I would have been up today and able to tell you everything.

>What an amazing day!

>We had just a great day in NYC. I am too tired now to post about it and I am trying not to get a migraine. I took one of Tigger’s pills. TOPAMAX and it seems to be helping, but I need to sleep. I turned off my alarm. Hopefully I will wake up in time or someone will wake me up.

>NYC Bound

>YAY! All I had planned to do today was take my car to get some work done and go get a flu shot. M started texting me that she wanted to go to the city. Of course, you know I am always up for a trip to the city. Right now she is working but when she gets off we will be on our way there! I still have time to get my car and get my flu shot, in fact I should be getting a phone call about my car anytime now. If I don’t get a flu shot that is not a tragedy I can get it another day.

When looking at other people’s blogs, I get jealous sometimes. They seem so polished and accomplished. They write these long blogs about something, I look at mine and it seems to be a jumble of thoughts. I realize it is because I am committed (some would say I need to be committed) to posting everyday. I don’t always have something to talk about so I just post whatever thoughts are coming into my head, that’s why it is a jumble.

I was thinking about that as I was walking back from dropping off my car. That I could run all these thoughts in my head into one coherent essay about my life on a Saturday morning. How I had to drop M sweater off so she could work on it while she was at work, and how it was too cold for what I was wearing and I was freezing so I stopped at DD’s to get something to eat and wait for it to warm up a bit. And how I hate it when a place changes its menu. Like at DD they have these egg white flat bread breakfast sandwiches I like to get. But they have added regular flat bread sandwiches and that is what they gave me because I didn’t realize I had to specify what kind of flat bread sandwich I wanted. Anyway, I have to go now because Tigger wants songs and I have to get my car and M keeps texting me and I have to put make-up on to go to Manhattan.

>Hello friends

>Sending from my phone again. I ate my tomatoes as a mid-morning snack and i had three biscuits(cookies). That did the trick, I was able to go to the bathroom. I need to finish this quick so I can get my mail before C gets back from his lunch cause he annoys me.

Tigger thanked me for the music. Said it made him ‘happy’. Except he also tells me he is always happy. But hey, whatever he says I am cool with it.

So someone posted a blank post, I did too but I just copied her/him, can’t tell when the name is Merd. Melva hasn’t posted in a while and Cookie didn’t post yesterday so I don’t know what to think.

Sometimes I think I would be better off if I didn’t have to eat, then I wouldn’t have to spend so much time in the bathroom! Then again, I send e-mails whenever I am in here so I don’t really have anything to complain about.

Someone came over from Redlady’s blog and signed my guestbook!




Happy Third Friday to me from Bella

>Late post

>Today has been one of those days. I kind of just wandered around and bugged people. It was National Boss Day, so I made sure to let people know that. I got a card and flowers, then I ended up giving the flowers to a co-worker because although I am no longer in a homicidal rage, I am still miffed. It didn’t help that he brought it up again today. Dude, just give it a rest.

Got some work done, went to lunch with some people, to a restaurant I won’t go to again. Ugh.

After work I stopped at the library to pay my fine and check out Double Bind and to see where on the list I am for Dewey. I am number 3. Then after I got home, I went to Allsport, Borders and Target. I almost bought a book I shouldn’t have at Borders, I resisted but I still want to get it. I got a black purse like my tan purse for winter, and I got a green tote bag that is a better size for taking my book to work.

I got a couple more songs by Coldplay, now Tigger wants me to send them to him. So I am off to do that.