yesterday when Em and I went to the city. I almost started this post, I hate migraines! That was my first thought when I got out of bed and nearly fell on my head. But then thought the people who wanted to read about my day in NYC wouldn’t read it, that was the only thing that marred yesterday, and it started on the way home, there were probably a few things that contributed to it. I was glad Tigger had a Topamax I could take because I am sure I would not be feeling human now if I hadn’t had it.

So first thing when I got back from getting my car and saw Em in her gorgeous new purple sweater looking smokin’ HOT I knew I had to wear my new red sweater. I made sure to be super careful with my makeup, I also knew that there was no way my pale lipstick was going to cut it. I told her, first thing we do, is stop at the make-up store in GCT so I can get some RED lipstick.

DSCN0479We left from the train station and that was where the first weird, funny, coincidental thing happened. As we were pulling in to park, Em saw one of the students from school, it is one of the ones that Em calls ‘her kids’ that calls Em one of her other mothers, Em tutors her in P.I.G. Em said she can’t be going down to the city. Then as we were waiting for the train, Em’s cell phone goes off. She was mad, saying which one of my kids . . . It was this girl, she was waiting for the train too! She was going to see her boyfriend in Yonkers. So she sat behind us and talked to us and took a picture of her and Em and sent it to Tigger with a note, I’m on the train with your mom and you’re not!

We didn’t get red lipstick first thing, we went to the bathroom first thing. That when I discovered something that had the potential to ruin our day. I asked Em if she realized how stupid her friend was. Being the accommodating understanding BFF that she is, she asked how stupid? “You know your friend who takes little pills so she knows when her period is coming, then doesn’t make sure she has the supplies she needs?” Yep, the girl thing attack. However, even though my panties were stained, I didn’t really start flowing until last night, after I went to bed.

redlipstickSo then we went to the make-up store so I could get red lipstick. At first we couldn’t find any, all the reds were too dark, or too pink, or too brown, or a color that we thought should have been red wasn’t! I finally found one, and the name of the color had been torn off! So the sales clerk had to look through all the lipsticks until he found it, and he did. So here is my ‘Absolute Rouge’ lipstick, and it looks fabulous on. Something really cool about the tube of lipstick, the cap and base have magnets, so they click together and hold tight. Em got some really pretty eyeshadow too. I want some new eyeshadow, but I want to wait until I get my makeup done so I can get a color that I know looks good on me.

anntaylorhlcream2Then we started for Central Park. Central Park was our destination all along. Em wanted to go to the park. Why? I dunno, I’m just her BFF and go with the flow. We were also looking for jackets for us. Neither of us liked our current jackets so we both were looking for something not too heavy and the right color, for Em, that means black, purple, or red. For me, red, ivory or blue. Well, all we could find were too heavy, too expensive or for me wool, which I can’t wear. Along the way we stopped in Ann Taylor, which had some very nice jackets, but none suitable for what we wanted and I bought some very nice feeling and smelling body cream. We finally found something at the Gap, Em got a quilted down vest and I got a denim jacket. I love denim jackets and this was just your typical denim jacket that you wear for years.

This was not the end of our day, but I am getting very tired, so I will finish tomorrow. Like I said, if I hadn’t got that stupid migraine, I would have been up today and able to tell you everything.