>people realize when they look like flaming idiots?

I was at Borders last night, I had a coupon and it is time to get next years appointment book. As I was standing looking through the Moleskin display (cause you know that is the brand appointment book I get every year) a man was at the register trying to return something and it was against Borders policy, whatever he wanted to return they couldn’t accept it, and so he thought they (the people in that store) should change Border’s policy to accommodate him, “If you want to keep me as a customer, you will give in to my demands.”, he was very loud and got on the phone, after asking, “Do you have the receipt for the stuff you got me for my birthday? Cause Border’s won’t take it back”, he then says, “Well now you got some new stuff cause they won’t take it back.” So now whoever gave it to him knows he was returning it, except he is probably the type that told them when he got it it “Why did you get me this? I don’t like it.” People like that are one of the reasons I left retail sales.