1294lakeplacid081028They have internet (WiFi) in the rooms here. Good thing because I can’t get a signal in the room we are having our training in. Training is over for today, dinner is in 15 minutes so I will have to go and come back later. I just opened the door to my ‘balcony’ its about a foot wide, and took this picture. Yes, its real snow.

So I am back now, and if you knew what time it was or how much I had to drink, you would be saying, go to bed girl! I think this classifies as drunk blogging. We played this game after dinner, then a bunch of us went to a bar, then another bar, cause the first bar closed. The first bar had a beer called Just Hutched (the brewers name is Hutch and he just got married) and it had lavender in it. I just put on my lavender lotion and it is making me think of it. Now it is 1 a.m. and I just got out of the bath and my head is somewhere else, but not on my shoulders I am sure. It is too hot in this room. I know that for sure.

I was going to say that this morning the sky went from black, (and raining) to gray (and raining) then it was ta da! White, and snowing. Then when I got to where the training was it was back to gray. I saw the ski jumps where the Olympians train, tomorrow I am going to try to get a picture of them. I also want to get some pictres of Lake Placid. So far the only souvenir I have is a token from the bar we went to. And I only have that because Brian bought me my second beer.