>It is evening and I am not feeling so great. Earlier tonight I took Tigger to Verizon because his phone is giving him problems so now he is getting a new phone which he is not exactly happy about because he thinks the enV is garbage. So now we have to wait and see if this phone works or if it tanks on Tigger. He thinks the enV just doesn’t like him! I didn’t really just take him, I wanted to get ice cream, so I asked him to come with. He said he would, so I went to Cold Stone Creamery which is next to the Verizon Store.

So I am watching Forensic Files right now, it is one I haven’t seen yet. So I will talk to you later. I was wrong, I had seen the Forensic Files before. However, there was one after that which I had not seen and the satellite signal was lost before it ended. So I don’t know how they proved their case. Gwen was down in the basement then since the boys were being ‘mean’ to her. Both of us were waiting for Primeval to come on. Hoping the signal would come back before it started. It came back within a few minutes of it starting.

Today was just spent sleeping in and then shopping. I got new jeans and eyeliner. I don’t like the purple Lancôme eyeliner I have, Em couldn’t find the right shade of red in Lancôme so we both ended up at the M.A.C. counter and found what we wanted. I told her, M.A.C. is my favorite right after Lancôme.

I have 500 hits on my blog. I am sure a lot of those are from me posting and tweaking my posts until they look like I want them to. But still, it means some are reading. Maybe insomniacs? LOL!