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>Once Again

>I have stayed up too late. After not sleeping well last night and missing the book study this morning.

Em, Gwen and I went out today. She wanted her hair done. So Gwen and I dropped her off and went to Macy’s to make an appointment to get a makeover for Gwen. Yes, she has decided to start wearing makeup. Em put some on her last Wednesday and she liked how she looked. So she had her makeup done. Then she decided she needed a new top to go with her new look, and she picked out a red top. We are so happy, she looks so good in it. Then we went for lunch, she was so happy she paid for lunch. Unfortunately, I got another migraine, or sinus headache, anyway, I started feeling bad and nauseous and my sinuses were hurting and discharging dark brown mucus.

After we got home I didn’t do much else besides sit in my room and play with my blog. Well, I did lie down and sleep for a while.

Cookie sent me an e-mail with some sad news, very sad, but not unexpected. Now I have to go to bed. Gwen wants to go to Fishkill’s meeting tomorrow, to show off her new look to someone there.



>Reality is just like a dream, you try to control it and you have no control, you try to guide it and it ends up taking you out,
The only break we get from reality is our dreams. They keep us sane, they keep us loving, they keep us living.
The breaks from dreaming are never as pleasant,
You can’t break away from it, no matter how hard you try, you can’t make it better, without giving up dignity, and the lovers of today rarely last til’ tomorrow.
But we will outlast them, we will break away from reality, and make a world full of peace, and care for it always,
What’s sad to realize is that it will never be real, no matter how hard we try, it can never come out of our head, filled with hopes and love, but still, no power to change this horrible world.

>Fredericka The Fertile

Thanks to Rob at Inukshuk Adventure for the link.

So for a bit of fun why not head over to the Medieval Name Generator and find out what you might have been named had you lived in, well, Medieval times!

If you are female go here and for the guys here.
If you are unsure or adventurous, try both.


>I have been tweaking my other blogs. The reading one I converted to 3 columns. I found a website with the instructions on how to change the html code so it doesn’t change your widgets. So that is good. Since I succeeded with that one, I might change this one to 3 columns also. The craft one, I also changed, then put it back, I don’t need 3 columns on that one.

When I got up to Panera, I couldn’t find Gwen, so I sent a text to Em. She called me, Stitch brought her home early. She was a little miffed at him, since he picked me up from the train and didn’t tell me. So I drove all the way to Panera, after getting an MRI and having a pounding headache from it, and didn’t have to! When I said something to Stitch, he said something like, ‘I thought she was going to tell you, after all she was the one that decided to come home early.’ ARG!

They gave me a CD with the images on it. So I can look at slices of my brain on my computer, I was going to post one here, but they look kind of funny. I have no idea if they look like they are supposed to, hopefully the doctor knows what to look for.

Now I should really go to bed. If I decide to make any changes to this blog, it will have to wait until tomorrow. But in the meantime, check out my Bella is reading blog and see how nice it looks now.