>I just saw that I missed a day posting. Almost missed today. Em and Tigger and I went to Manhattan, Em and I got our faces done at Lancôme, Em actually got a facial and her make-up and the guy doing her face talked her into getting her hair curled. I was a little perturbed because it was making us late for our next appointment, looking back I am kind of glad, we had to take a taxi to make it to Rockefeller Center on time. We went to the Top of the Rock, cause Tigger hasn’t been up there, he wanted their pictures taken on Top of the Rock, but they didn’t turn out so they didn’t buy them. We then went to a store I wanted to go to where I got a hat, from there we walked to Little Italy. We ate at a place in Little Italy where D and Em went to when Stitch was a baby. Then Tigger asked if we could take a taxi part way back so we took a taxi to Harold Square. We went to Macy’s in Harold Square and Tigger got a shirt and tie. Very nice. Then we walked back to GCT and had dinner at Annie Moores. Em and I bought make-up at Lancôme and Macy’s.