>Yes, I decided to start another blog, this with reading books and reviews and links to other book blogs. I call it ‘Bella is reading’. Click on Bella to take a look.

So now that I have played around with my new blog a little and moved my bookshelves over, on to some personal stuff. The doctor’s office called with the confirmation number for my MRI. My appointment is Friday and I am a little nervous. I mean, it is silly of me to be nervous. It’s not like they are going to be sticking needles into my brain or anything. And it is not like I have never done this before. One of the questions I was asked was, do you weigh less then 300 pounds? I also picked a bad time to get it done, this Friday, Em is going to a party at Ann’s and D decided to have their family study that night so none of the kids can go with me. I will have to brave it alone.