>Yes, Em and I went to Manhattan again. This was another spur of the moment, unplanned trip. D had been saying no, then he decided to take the children flying. Some place where they can fly gliders or something like that. So he said Em could go to the city.

Gwen went with me to my book study this morning and P announced that it was our book study’s turn to help with cleaning our place of meeting. So as I was driving home I was telling Gwen this meant that her mom and I wouldn’t be going to the city, not that we had planned it anyway, then as we started to pull in the yard, Em was out there doing the Snoopy dance.

First thing we did when we got to GCT was go to Douglas Cosmetics. I mean the first thing after we stood in line at the ladies room. So many people there! I bought some perfume, and the sales person gave me five or six samples of perfume and a coupon for 10% off, don’t know why. Em knocked this big thing off the table and I was giving her a hard time about it, maybe he(I think it was a him) thought I was embarrassed.

Then we went to a couple jewelry stores, then we started walking down 42nd Street toward the library, Em wanted to go to the library and Bryant Park. As we were walking along past GCT there was this homeless man with a sign and he was saying, ‘If you could spare a dollar.’ I said, to myself mainly, but loud enough for Em to hear, ‘No I can’t spare a dollar, I just spent 90 dollars on perfume!’ She started laughing, ‘It is all about you isn’t it!’ Yes indeed, I am tired of doing everything the way other people think I should. I am a competent adult and can make my own decisions!

There were so many people (tourists) there. They were very annoying and I almost put a descriptive word before tourists. Well, its not really a descriptive word, I think it would be considered a verb! Another thing of note that happened was as we were walking down the sidewalk, in front of this hotel a man was just standing there, we had to walk around him and as we walked on I heard a voice, “DAD!” then a pause, then “GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Em says, well as least the son knows what is going on!

We had no plans, we just walked to Central Park, I got another headache, I have realized that the headaches I have been getting when we go to the city are directly related to the problem I am having with my sinuses. We walked back to GCT and then we went to Annie Moore’s. Em got a cheesecake from Junior’s to bring home. We got in about 7:15 p.m. and Fred was all excited about flying today.

I finished the necklace I was crocheting, I am not real happy with it, but I think it will do for the girl I am sending it to. I hope she likes it. After I send it and she gets it, I will post a picture on my craft blog, I am not doing now because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Now I am sick, I don’t think from the city or Annie Moore’s, I think from the hot sausage I ate.