>Almost everyone here is sick. Only myself, D, Em and Fred went to church today. When I got there (I took my own car), Em was sitting by herself. She whispered to me, “Fred got sick, D had to take him home.” I thought Fred already had this and got over it. Oh well. So I am hiding out in my room because I don’t want it either. Besides, I also have the new James Bond DVD to watch because it is due back tomorrow.

Em asked if I thought she should take some Aleve and lie down, or push herself and go work out. I suggested she should lie down, after all I want to go with her and I wanted to check out my blogs and check my e-mail etc and etc.

So now I am doing that, then I will work out, and then dye my hair, then I don’t know what, since I take my contacts out when I dye my hair, I am not going to want to go anywhere. Maybe then I will watch my movie.

I decided to take the list of types of books in the challenge and compare them to my list of TBR books. That will help me decide which books to read for the challenge.